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Youngsters get busy with second clothing drive for homeless

COAST CITIES — After their success of last year, Willy and Kamden Maas of Oceanside have launched another clothing drive for Toussaint Academy of San Diego.
Toussaint Academy offers comprehensive services to homeless and runaway youth ages 14 through 18. It provides 35 transitional beds, specialized educational services, and social services aimed at providing youth the tools needed to achieve self-sufficiency.
The goal of the Maas children is to collect “nice, popular, cute and cool clothes,” especially brand names like Roxy, Volcom, Quicksilver and Abercombie & Fitch for the Academy students.
“These students are striving to become independent, responsible human-beings,” Kamden said. “For the time and effort we have committed into this project, we have been thanked many times, which drives us to continually give back to the community. Because of this, we would like to proudly thank all those who have donated and helped us with this good deed”
“The kids started the program to earn community service hours for school. Instead of just plugging into a pre-planned program, they prefer to do all the leg work. They ask and collect from classmates at St. Patrick’s School and Cathedral Catholic High School and search garage sales for donations,” their mom Bridget Hoppe said. “We have a family with teenagers that calls three times a year. We took warm sweatshirts that were left in the lost-and-found from my daughter’s volleyball club. It has been very cool to watch them notice how to find items and find a place where it is all appreciated.”
The pair has gotten skilled at spotting garage-sale bargains, including a skateboard ramp donated for the Academy’s “hang out” area. In addition to clothes, they need skateboards, helmets, ping-pong paddles and ping-pong balls.
The youngsters especially love private donations from retailers and can provide a tax identification number if necessary.
“With school right around the corner, the youngsters can also use any and all school supplies,” Kamden said. “We can and will pick it all up from Del Mar to Oceanside. Just e-mail us at”