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Young rockers perform at Oceanside theater

OCEANSIDE — Young rockers from the Children’s Conservatory for Music Arts took to the stage of the Sunshine Brooks Theater for the Rock Series 2011 concert on Jan. 22. Solo singers belted out tunes and head banging rock bands electrified the audience.
The night featured Birds of Prey, a dance rock and metal band with members who range from 12 to 15 years old. Jeffery Justice, 15, plays lead guitar and sings backup vocals. Preston Royal, 13, sings lead vocals and plays rhythm guitar. Andrew Duvvur, 12, plays bass guitar and Justin Gray, 14, plays drums.
The group formed about two years ago at the Children’s Conservatory for Music Arts when the four student musicians were matched up and coached on how to perform as a group. “Working out of a garage we wouldn’t know each other,” Jeffrey said. “We all come from different schools.”
Patrick McGuire instructs the band in guitar, bass and vocals. He also shares his experience as a former professional band member. McGuire emphasizes the importance of working as a group when he teaches young band members. “It’s not about any individual,” McGuire said.
The Birds of Prey show their unity on stage by breaking out in friendly dueling guitar riffs and asking the audience to give it up for
fellow band members. “There’s more showmanship in a group,” Jeffrey said.
“When someone messes up, the others support you,” Justin said.
In addition to improving their skills and showmanship, band members have been given advice on the business end of running a band. Birds of Prey band members recently patented the band name and opened a bank account for the band.
McGuire said the band is promising. The group averages about two shows a month and has played at The Coach House in San Juan Capistrano and other top venues. Band members say their number of Facebook followers is growing and they are recognized around town by fans who have heard them play.