Young couple attempts suicide by train

Young couple attempts suicide by train
Sheriff’s deputies remove items from the train tracks near the Swami’s undercrossing in Encinitas where a young couple attempted suicide on Friday afternoon. Photo by Tony Cagala

ENCINITAS — A young couple, described as local transients, attempted suicide by train on the afternoon of July 1, according to a transit enforcement investigator.

Witnesses reported seeing a young male and female lay down on the train tracks together as a southbound Coaster train approached near the Swami’s undercrossing just after 3 p.m.

The two subjects did not move when the train sounded its horn, bells and whistles, according to Sgt. Jason King.

The Coaster train had just left the Encinitas station and was heading south at about 35 to 40 miles per hour, King explained.

The female suffered a severed arm, according to King, while the male received cuts and bruises. Both were taken to Scripps La Jolla. King said there was an attempt to re-attach the woman’s arm at the hospital, but efforts appeared unsuccessful.

King said the two were 18 years old, though he wasn’t aware of the nature of their relationship.

At about 4 p.m. the train resumed its southbound course following a crew switch.

Two backpacks belonging to the subjects were recovered at the scene where deputies searched the items.

The train enforcement department was investigating the incident. It was ruled a suicide attempt and based on the couple’s mental states, no charges will be filed, according to King.

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