Young authors celebrated at Horizon Prep School

RANCHO SANTA FE — An Author’s Tea was held at the library at Horizon Prep School on Jan. 21 to honor students with exceptional reading and writing skills.
Kelly Hendrickson, librarian at Horizon Prep, hosted the event. Teachers from first through fifth grades had the difficult task of choosing one student from their class to participate. Those chosen are reading and writing above their grade level or have dramatically improved their reading and writing skills. At the Author’s Tea, selected students read their writing assignment aloud to attending guests. “This gives students the opportunity to work on their public speaking skills, as well,” Hendrickson said. Afterward, the students’ writings were displayed in a glass case in the library for all to see. “It’s a very big deal,” Hendrickson said.
A total of 10 students stood before a microphone and read to a captive audience, including parents, siblings and grandparents. The themes were diverse and included: “My Dream House,” “How to Make a Pizza” and “What I Would Put in a Time Capsule.”
According to Hendrickson, students work hard to be chosen to participate in the event, which occurs quarterly throughout the school year. And it’s easy to see why — after the readings honored students made a mad dash to the dessert table, complete with cupcakes and a fountain brimming with chocolate with skewers of fresh fruit ready to be submerged. Motivation was never so delicious!