Machel's Ranch

Wrapping up holidays and looking to the new year in the Ranch

Happy New Year Rancho Santa Fe! With New Year’s resolutions in full swing, don’t expect to read my thoughts on what to do this year. Instead, look forward to those offbeat stories the other papers might miss, plus photos that capture the smiles of residents around town that have their own story to reveal this year in “Machel’s Ranch.”
Since I was out of town for the last two weeks, luckily I have Ranch residents that were kind enough to share their stories and photos with me in this issue. 2011 will be exciting for all of us! Thanks so much for continuing to support our paper by picking it up and reading our pages. The Rancho Santa Fe News is a family-owned and operated business that has been here in North County for more than 24 years.
Around town
On Dec. 13, Ranch resident Gary Bobileff embarked on an amazing journey called, “Operation Christmas Spirit: The 2010 Believe in Santa Tour.” Departing from Carlsbad, Gary flew to Washington, D.C., first to visit “Wounded Warriors” at Walter Reed. Then on to New York City to connect on a flight to Kuwait City. In Kuwait, Gary was met by representatives of our Armed Forces, then transported to Command Headquarters located at Camp Speicher just outside of Bagdad. Make sure you don’t miss a more in-depth look at Gary’s trip in Rancho Santa Fe News reporter Patty McCormac’s featured story this issue. Thanks Gary for the photos, and I look forward to seeing both you and Maggie in the New Year (Maggie is his wife, who I feature quite often in my column). Also, In case you are looking for a Ferrari this year, Gary sells them! His website is
On Dec. 27, Elaine Gallagher shared some exciting news about her son Michael Gallagher — a YouTube sensation with his Totally Sketch Channel — who was spreading the word this holiday season about some good news on cancer research. Elaine asked in her e-mail, “Please take 8 minutes of your time to see this video … you’ll be glad you watched this. It’s about hope and second chances in life.” That sounds absolutely wonderful to me. Since I just lost a good friend to cancer last year, I just had to share this with my readers. Here is the link: . I have also featured a photo of Elaine with her son Michael last summer at the Del Mar Turf Club. Don’t they look picture perfect?
On Dec. 28, while Rancho Santa Fe was being drenched in rain storms, I was stuck back in zero degree weather in ice and snow with my family for seven days. Cabin fever and lots of movies and too much food basically sums up the trip, with of course the wonderful fact my entire family was under one roof for seven days. Grandparents, parents, teenagers, young babies, you name it, 17 in one house, stuck in the snow. Let’s just say, luckily I love my family. However, California has been my home for 22 years and I’ve grown used to the sunny weather here in San Diego. Here is a photo of my sister with her husband and my son, and nieces and nephews from the day we unwrapped gifts. This photo felt sort of “Norman Rockwell-ish” to me.
On Jan. 3, The Rancho Santa Fe Rotary held their first Rotarian meeting of the year at the Inn at Rancho Santa Fe. President-elect Alan Balfour was introduced by President Patrick Galvin and Michael Taylor was named Rotarian of the Week. A rummage sale is coming up at the Community Center on Jan. 22. Please drop off items for donation on Wednesdays between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. I have featured two photos from that first meeting of the year. Thank you to Chief Matt Wellhouser for always keeping me up to date on the Rancho Santa Fe Rotary.
On Jan. 5, I met with Byron Spratt, one of the owners of one of the coolest new workout places near Rancho Santa Fe — The Greenasium. Located just right off of Encinitas Boulevard, this is an accessible, upscale alternative for Ranch residents to get in shape for the New Year. The owner’s philosophy is to “provide the best customer service in an environmentally friendly fitness studio setting has ahs human-powered electricity generating equipment.” Sound futuristic? It’s not. It’s contemporary with a relaxing spa appeal with first class personal attention, The Greenasium is located at 1465 Encinitas Blvd. right by Brett’s BBQ. For more information, visit www.the Thanks for the tour Byron! Get in shape for 2011.
Save the date:  Jason Barry shared some exciting news with me right before Christmas regarding The Celebrity Poker Tournament he is hosting at Rancho Valencia on Jan. 29. Here are some the exciting celebrities that will be there: Mike Sweeney, Bud Black, Bruce Bochy, Trevor Hoffman and Bret Boone, just to name a few. Featured here is Jason Barry last year with the owner of La Jolla’s CJ Charles. First prize will be a $10,000 men’s watch, second prize is a trip to Cabo San Lucas. For inquiries, please call Jason at (858)-756-4024.
Save the date:  One of the biggest events of the year, Helen Woodward’s  Broadway Tails, will be the 23rd annual Spring Fling held on the Helen Woodward Animal Center Campus. Black tie is optional, but take my advice and look fabulous. It’s one night this year New York Broadway meets Rancho Santa Fe. Buy your tickets now, or if you are looking to sponsor this event, call Kerry Appleby Payne at (858) 204-7920.