Managing attorney Eric Hanscom help found Inventing Profit, a group a free workshop in Carlsbad that helps educate inventors on the invention process. Courtesy photo

Workshop gives inventors a resource for their creations

CARLSBAD — Coming up with an idea for an invention may be easy, but turning it into a tangible creation is the challenging part. 

That’s all about to change since Inventing Profit began hosting monthly mixers at the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce.

A nonofficial organization Inventing Profit requires no membership fees, no chamber membership or dues but offers people with free information for invention and innovation pathways.

“Inventing Profit began as an idea during a presentation made to a group of inventors in North County through the North County Small Business Development Center,” said Eric Hanscom, managing attorney at InterContinental IP based in Carlsbad.

Hanscom, whose specialty is in intellectual property, was teaching a course on these laws. During this time, he was introduced to Joe Donoghue, president of Leardon Solutions, an engineering firm.

Both men decided to spearhead a course called “Patents and Prototypes.”

Hanscom realized that he and Donoghue had similar viewpoints in the world of inventions.

Above all, they knew of numerous hopeful inventors baited into the hands of scammers and ripped off by so-called industry professionals.

“After the class, we talked about the problems facing so many inventors, and the fact that many inventors were so focused on finding someone or some company that would tell them they would succeed after parting with a good portion of their money, that they didn’t know what was happening until it was too late,” he said.

Hanscom said that Donoghue and he compared notes and noticed consistent themes such as inventors who needed more education, guidance and being better prepared for the invention process.

“We felt that we could change that, for free, at least in North County, and put together a few programs,” he said.

About 30 guests attend the monthly free mixer. Industry updates and new laws are first touched upon followed by two featured guest speakers. The lineup also includes a question and answer session.

“We also try to feature one inventor each meeting who can showcase his/her invention, request information or help from the audience, and field questions,” he said.

Carl Perkins of Vista has attended these monthly mixers for his company, Wet Next. His company develops products for water sport enthusiasts.

“I recommend the meetings to anyone who tells me they have an idea,” Perkins said. “I feel I have made business connections that will prove vital to my success.”

Another Vista resident, Mark Clemens, agreed with Perkins. His company, Hydrokinetic Generation, harvests kinetic energy from water currents.

“I enjoy the networking aspect,” said Perkins, adding that he learns something new at each meeting.

Toni Padron, executive vice president at the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce, said they wanted to provide resources for their soon-to-be business owners.

“This program will help nurture these innovators by providing the tools they need to navigate the complex process of going from an idea to a business,” said Padron, adding how this group also involves mentors who share their ideas and tips. 
Padron said that nearly 90 percent of the Chamber members are there because someone had an idea.

“Our community is a hub for research and biotech companies made up of businesses and individuals who thought up new products or found ways of how to make existing products better,” she said.

Inventing Profit educates inventors at all levels.

“Whether it’s a guy who invented something in his basement, to a top-level researcher at a local company, they all have a place they can visit for information, and have a good time getting the information,” Hanscom said.

Inventing Profit is held every second Wednesday of the month from 5 to 7 p.m. Visit or call the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce at (760) 931-8400.