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Women form partnership for prevention of breast cancer

COAST CITIES — Amanda Ward, founder of Bloom Natural Health in Encinitas, and ShaneyJo Darden, founder of the Keep-A–Breast Foundation of Carlsbad, have worked together for three years to redefine perceptions of breast health for young women.
“It started in 2008 when we traveled to five of the top universities with Roxy Surf, Emergen-C and Keep-A–Breast on the Pink Tour to educate college women about breast health,” Darden said.
Keep-A-Breast is located in Carlsbad and has offices in Bordeaux, France, and Vancouver, and is the first breast foundation focused on breast cancer prevention with young women. Ward’s Bloom Natural Health, 264 N. Coast Highway 101 in Encinitas, works to educate her patients about breast health, detoxification, and the latest advancements in natural medical care and products. Bloom Natural Health has recently received a grant from the Emergen-C Vitamin C drink company and Keep-A–Breast to study breast health. Women who would like to participate in the study or support the study can call Bloom at (760) 230-4982 or e-mail
“It was an eye-opening experience to say the least. We were amazed that college age women knew so little about breast health. This is a preventable disease in so many cases and giving these women some foundational knowledge was very rewarding,” Ward said.
As Keep-A–Breast prepares to launch its “Non-Toxic Revolution” program on college campuses to help define the role of toxins in breast cancer, Ward and Darden reflect on the evolution of the message of prevention that differentiates Keep-A-Breast from other breast cancer foundations.
“Recent studies show that environmental toxins contribute to as much as 70 percent of breast cancers,” Ward said. “ We focus a lot of our clinical practice at Bloom on detoxification as a foundation to prevention. Patients can connect the dots. We are excited to get this message to young women as well as mothers of young women. It will literally save lives.”
“We are also excited to have Keep-A-Breast be the first breast foundation to step up and address this critical issue with young women where it can really make a difference. Prevention is about making a pro-active effort. Our patients understand this and so do fans of Keep-A-Breast.”
Ward will begin a radio show that will be featured on the Keep A Breast website focused on breast health and prevention starting in January. She is also launching a line of injectable nutrition called Healthy Shots, which include the Breast Healthy Shot.