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Woman admits stealing thousands from employer

ESCONDIDO — A former armored security guard pleaded guilty Jan. 8 to stealing $50,000 from Brinks Security.
On the day her trial was scheduled to begin, Tammy Bolson pleaded guilty to a single count of felony grand theft in connection with the theft of $50,000 during a transaction with another employee from the Brinks vault in San Diego last August.
Brinks fired Bolson toward the end of her shift Aug. 8 for violating the company’s cell phone policy. She testified she carried her cell phone due to her two young children and her ex-husband who suffers from a chronic illness. Prior to Bolson’s termination, her vehicle and belongings were searched for the $50,000, but the money was never recovered. Phone records showed Bolson didn’t make or receive any calls on her cell phone during that day’s shift.
While the whereabouts of the money are still a mystery, Prosecutor Anna Winn was confident a series of video stills she compiled implicated Bolson for the theft of the $50,000. The stills show Bolson performing a series of calculated moves eventually ending with her stuffing the bundle of money under her shirt.
In accordance with her plea, she faces up to two years in prison when she is sentenced Feb. 5, Winn said outside the courtroom. Bolson, 40, will also have to reimburse Brinks for the $50,000, the prosecutor said.
Additionally, two other charges of embezzlement by an employee were dismissed. If she had been convicted of all the charges, she faced more than five years in prison.
Bolson’s attorney, Sloan Ostbye said her client is a mother of two boys and saw the plea agreement as the quickest way to get home to her children again.
In November, a jury deadlocked in favor of guilt 11-1 for the theft of the $50,000 and 7-5 for the embezzlement of an estimated $100,000 she’d allegedly stolen over a one-year period while working for Brinks Security.
Winn argued throughout the trial the thefts occurred at a time when Bolson was part of a trio that picked up deposits from ATMs and night deposit boxes throughout San Diego County. Additionally, she said Bolson also worked in a two-person crew on Sundays, in which she would pick up deposits directly from store managers.
The third embezzlement charge stemmed from the prosecutors belief that Bolson stole $2,000 during one of those Sunday pickups.
Authorities testified receipts found at Bolson’s residence revealed she spent more than $25,000 more than what her salary allotted. Further, the investigator said as he began compiling information to see if a pattern existed between employees and the thefts, Bolson’s name showed up repeatedly, 74 times to be exact.
Ostbye told jurors in her closing statement that at least 10 people had access to the $50,000 the day it went missing. She added Bolson had every opportunity to blame other employees she did pickups with, but never did nor did she ever change her story.
Throughout the trial, Bolson maintained her innocence and explained the discrepancy between her salary and spending had to due with the more than $30,000 in savings she kept in multiple safes in her home.

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