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Winter formal time means surprises for guys

CARMEL VALLEY — After finishing his two-hour math final, Jeff Butler’s brain was fried from numerous formulas and equations. But when his teacher, Mike Wahlstrom, pulled the nervous junior out of class and accused him of cheating, Jeff faced one problem he couldn’t decipher. 
“I knew I hadn’t cheated,” Jeff said. “I was so confused.”
Before he had a chance to let out his perplexed response, Butler was interrupted by Mia Colbert and her sophomore friends blaring air horns through the hallways of Torrey Pines High School and yelling the question that every boy at the high school hopes to hear around this time of year: “Formal?”
And so it has become tradition for the girls of Torrey Pines to rack their brains for the most embarrassing, complicated, public or hilarious method to invite the guys of their choice
to the Winter Formal
Dance, which this year was Jan. 31.
“It’s fun asking,” junior Hannah Palkowitz said. “You have more control on what’s going on. I just made sure (my date) was going to say yes.”
While the process of asking out a date may seem daunting to some, girls like Hannah and senior Kate Cutting confirm a positive response by questioning their date’s friends and even their dates themselves. 
“I talked to (Spencer Klein) before I asked him,” Kate said. “I made sure he would go with me.”
With a positive response from Spencer to give her courage, Kate paid a visit to his house one afternoon while he was away. She placed several alarm clocks under his bed and set them to sound at 2 in the morning.
That night, Klein was startled awake in the middle of the night. As he pulled out the ringing clock from under his bed, he read the attached tag: “Don’t be alarmed. Check the time, I’m asking you to Formal ‘09.”
As proposals like these become increasingly common across the Torrey Pines campus, it just proves how creative young women can be to find the perfect Winter Formal date.

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