Why I’m running for mayor of Encinitas

We have to decide what path we’ll follow in the coming years.

Ask yourself, “Why do I live in Encinitas?”

Is it because of our beach town spirit, our community character and the promise of a great quality of life?

Or do we want ever-increasing traffic, more pollution and overwhelming growth that adds stress to our lives?

If you elect me as your mayor, my goal will be to preserve the soul of Encinitas, the unique character of our communities and the quality of daily life.

I’ll bring my experience, honesty, knowledge and wisdom to city government. I helped incorporate our communities as a city and remain an activist. I always represent the citizens’ well-being.

Out-of-town developers who exploit our zoning and increase traffic and pollution will not come first.

I have a positive public record of accomplishments as a former mayor and council member. I worked on many issues. For example: Leucadia Boulevard completion and beautification, Cottonwood Creek Park, the trails master plan, the clean water program, the first $1 million grant from the Department of the Interior for our recycled water program, the Encinitas Library.

We face many issues and challenges:

Protect Proposition A. Prop A is the most important proposition in our city since incorporation.

With its passage, citizens have the right to vote on whether we want to change zoning or intensity of land use in Encinitas.

Prop A mandates that neighbors within 500 feet, rather than 300 feet, of any construction project must be notified in advance. Projects must now be measured from ground level instead of raised pads.

Prop A empowers citizens to decide what our city will become. We must keep it from being undermined or corrupted.

Density Bonus Law. Even with the recent city-imposed restrictions, it still lets developers exploit our zoning. I will fight it at the state level.

Widening I-5. It will deeply affect our communities. Do the majority of Encinitans want the freeway widened as proposed?

Emergency Response Times. We must improve them. With fire stations throughout our city, there is no excuse for sub-standard response times.

Street and Road Repairs. We have neglected our streets and roads too long. Let’s get the repairs done and maintain the pavement in good condition.

Debt. We must get a handle on our burgeoning $310 million debt.

Leucadia Streetscape. I’m for a plan based on what the majority of citizens want.

Do we want six roundabouts on North Highway 101 and single traffic lanes in each direction?

Beacon Beach. We should stabilize the access and reimburse the capital improvement project after doing that.

Downtown Encinitas. We must develop a plan for the Pacific View property as an arts and cultural center.

We should pass a deemed approved ordinance to help citizens deal with the proliferation of bars downtown.

Cardiff-by-the-Sea. We should restore Rossini Creek to its natural state. Excessively tall lights in the Community Park would be devastating to the lagoon wetlands and wildlife, and are not necessary for the use and enjoyment of the park.

Rail Corridor. Install wayside horns at vehicle crossings and add pedestrian crossings through the rail corridor to ensure safety and reduce noise.

An alternative is to trench the tracks as Solana Beach has done. With the doubling of the tracks through Encinitas, rail traffic will grow to 119 trains a day.

El Camino Real. The road is at an “F” level of service.

That must be improved. There’s a proliferation of advertising signs on public sidewalks. People with ads on bicycles and cars drive El Camino Real causing more traffic and distractions on this too busy street.

Olivenhain. Density bonus projects threaten the rural character of the community.

We need responsible planning for all our communities.

Leadership is key in the mayor’s role. Listening carefully to your concerns, finding common ground and facilitating constructive conversation to make decisions that reflect your views is vital.

We have to put the City Council in charge instead of the city manager and staff.

I’m concerned with the erosion of the council’s and mayor’s roles and the loss of control that helped make ours a truly open government that serves the citizens.

If elected, I will listen, learn and lead. Please vote for a person you can trust as your mayor.

Sheila Cameron is an Encinitas resident.


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