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Why I’m considering running for mayor of Encinitas

As someone who has closely observed city government for the last decade, I see the need for leadership based on real action not just the spin and showmanship we have seen from Mayor (Kristin) Gaspar. Now her husband Paul Gaspar wants to continue her “legacy.”

I have no political party affiliations. The Encinitas City Council is non-partisan yet Gaspar repeatedly describes herself as the “Republican Mayor of Encinitas.”

The ultra-conservative, Republican Lincoln Club endorsed Gaspar in her previous campaigns and is doing so again for her supervisor race. She publicly stated she supports Donald Trump.

I have the time and interest in representing the community. I will be available to serve on city committees, regional boards and attend community functions.

Gaspar only served on one regional board, Encina Wastewater Authority, in Carlsbad. She specifically declined any other appointments because she was too busy. The only sub-committee Gaspar was on (with Tony Kranz) was the Public Outreach and Communications sub-committee.

There was only one meeting scheduled and she did not attend it.

I believe Gaspar has the worst council meeting attendance record of any previous council member.

How can Paul Gaspar, with seven physical therapy offices throughout North County, have time to serve the community?

Paul Gaspar says his wife has delivered a high level of competence yet city council meetings are run like a game show… “Wheel of Misfortune” perhaps? Agendas are overly long with meetings running on average over five hours leaving little time for genuine and thoughtful discussion on numerous important issues.

Gaspar claims she delivered balanced budgets every year while maintaining the highest credit rating.  Reality: The city manager and staff present a budget to the council for approval and/or modifications.

The mayor does not have veto power and state law requires cities to have balanced budgets. More spin.

Paul says she has stayed focused on local priorities. Reality: The only initiative she brought forward was to give $100,000 to an Escondido social service organization to “End Veteran’s Homelessness.”

Her proposal was a shameless attempt to use Encinitas taxpayer’s money to further her campaign for county supervisor. Fortunately, the council blocked her scam.

What is her legacy? What visions did she carry out, what benefits did the residents of Encinitas receive from her tenure? If her dedication to Encinitas was so great, why after slightly more than a year as mayor, did she announce her candidacy for county supervisor?

Paul Gaspar’s campaign isn’t about serving Encinitas. It’s an effort to “make-up a legacy” for his wife to help further her political career.

Replacing one Gaspar with another will be just more of the same.

Encinitas deserves a mayor committed to the community not just his/her own self-interests.

Don Barth is a Cardiff-by-the-Sea resident.

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CHARLES L WALLACE August 12, 2016 at 7:23 am

You had me when you mentioned she supports Trump. We’re lucky you are running…

S Weir August 12, 2016 at 8:01 am

She voted for Trump in the primary. Enough said. Last thing we need is the husband.

Rob August 12, 2016 at 10:10 am

What would you do to alleviate homelessness?

Nan sterman August 12, 2016 at 7:51 pm

Funny, we were talking yeaterday about what Kristin has done for Encinitas as mayor. We couldnt come up with a single thing! Go for it Don. I will support you!

Bev August 12, 2016 at 10:40 pm

Catherine Blakespear is highly qualified to be a wonderful
mayor. Let’s all support her and beat Paul Kaspar…a highly unqualified candidate !

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