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Why I support Jim Wood for supervisor

Throughout my 24 years in public office, I fought over and over to protect the quality of life of our North County residents.

This important work never ends.  It is a constant challenge to protect our environment, improve our communities, and run a government that is fiscally sound, and open and accountable to its citizens.

We are currently at a crossroads in San Diego County.

If we stay with the status quo, Supervisor Horn has the necessary three votes to continue major sprawl developments and ruin our backcountry by overriding our new General Plan and permitting grossly oversized projects in rural North County.

Merriam Mountains (2,700 homes) and Accretive (1,750 homes) will add sprawl up the Interstate 15 and in Valley Center.

These huge projects will create future fire hazards and create more congestion on I-15.

This is one area where Mayor Jim Wood will make a major difference on the Board of Supervisors.

He will provide the crucial third vote to change the balance of power back to the concerns of the residents, rather than the deep-pocket development industry interests that have bankrolled Supervisor Horn’s campaigns for the past many years.

We have just endured yet another series of massive fires with more to come.

The danger increases when developments sprawl into dry inland areas.

That is why Mayor Jim Wood is supported by Carlsbad, Oceanside and Vista firefighters.

They know he will support responsibly planned development rather than out of control sprawl that would place thousands of homes in high fire danger areas.

They trust him to uphold the County’s recently adopted General Plan, which allows for sensible growth in appropriate areas.

Public safety is ingrained in Mayor Jim Wood.

He spent 31 years as an Oceanside police officer before being elected as city councilman and mayor of Oceanside, where he has served for the past nine years.

That is why he is supported by the Oceanside Police Officers.  They trust him.

Supervisor Horn has always supported the development of Gregory Canyon Landfill on the banks of the San Luis Rey River during his tenure on the Board.

Most recently he testified in person on the record at the Army Corps of Engineers Hearing in January 2013 to support the Gregory Canyon Landfill Development.

Mayor Jim Wood has been the staunch opponent of the landfill for his entire tenure on the Council, and will continue to hold that position as a County Supervisor.  Supervisor Horn now says he opposes the landfill but that the Supervisors have no say.

This is simply not true.

The Supervisors have no vote but they certainly have a say.

I opposed this landfill from the outset and testified at every hearing in opposition.

I was joined by Mayor Wood and Oceanside’s Water Department officials at these hearings.  Mayor Wood will continue to fight for clean water and to protect the river.

The position of County Supervisor not only has a tremendous impact on land use and environmental planning for the unincorporated acres, but also on dozens of essential services provided to the four North County cities, including services to seniors, youth and families.

As a law enforcement officer in Oceanside for 31 years, Mayor Wood fully understands the importance of these social services in crime prevention and will work to keep gangs out of North County, reduce juvenile crime and help create avenues out of poverty and desperation that create crime in the first place.

Jim is a people person and is very hands-on in his approach.  That is why he is supported by the Oceanside police officers.

They know and trust him to work hard and to keep his word.

During Jim’s tenure as mayor, he has helped created thousands of quality jobs, significantly reduced crime and has drastically improved Oceanside’s finances by supporting fiscally responsible budgets.

It is time for a change of leadership in County District 5.

Mayor Jim Wood has the support of North County fire professionals, the region’s police officers of its largest city, and the support of the Sierra Club and League of Conservation Voters.

Please give Jim Wood your support and your vote June 3, Election Day, 2014!

Pam Slater-Price is a former Encinitas City Council member, mayor and County Supervisor for District 3. She resides in Del Mar.