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West Nile Virus found in Encinitas

ENCINITAS — The Department of Environmental Health Vector Control Program trapped adult mosquitoes as part of the routine monitoring of adult mosquitoes in the Encinitas Creek area near Village Square Drive. One mosquito sample from the trap was sent to and analyzed by UC Davis, where the results came back positive for West Nile Virus on Sept. 5.
The WNV positive mosquito sample, as well as the presence of 12 birds found dead with WNV, are strong indicators of the presence of WNV in the area. The Vector Control Program is taking the following actions:
1. Mailing out precautionary letters to the residents of Encinitas in the potentially infected area.
2. VCT staff will canvass the neighborhood and conduct an aerial search for un-maintained swimming pools.
3. VCT staff will be searching the adjacent creek and storm water drainage courses this week for evidence of breeding and treat with larvicide as needed.
4. VCT staff has placed more mosquito traps in the area. These will also be sent to UC Davis for testing.
For more information, call Gary Erbeck at (619) 338-2211.