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Water restrictions lowered for Carlsbad

CARLSBAD — Carlsbad Municipal Water District (CMWD) customers have learned they have less water restrictions imposed on them since Gov. Jerry Brown removed the drought alert following a year of extreme rainstorms.
Although the rain topped off reservoirs, the CMWD still remains cautious after rescinding its Level 2 Drought Alert and would like its customers to follow the same water wise mindset.
“It’s important to remember that we rely on imported water for 100 percent of our drinking water supply, and although the drought alert has been lifted, we should still be prudent with our water use and continue good water conservation practices,” said Glenn Pruim, general manager of CMWD.
Pruim recommends watering residential and commercial landscapes before 10 a.m. and after 6 p.m. Pruim offered other methods for saving water, including not hosing down hard surfaces like patios and driveways, repairing water leaks, preventing water runoff and still serving water to restaurant guests upon request.
Pruim said there’s a reason for these rules even though the drought alert has been removed.
“There needs to be a new normal on how we choose to utilize our limited water resources to minimize the chances that we will have supply restrictions in the future,” he said.
The Level 2 Drought Alert was enforced July 1, 2010. Under that alert, irrigation was limited to particular days of the week and fountains using only recycled water were allowed.
Pruim wants residents to know that living in Southern California means that water conservation should remain a daily habit, as water supply challenges can happen at any time.
“The city is also looking into alternative water supplies, such as desalinated water and recycled water, to lessen our dependence on imported water from sources that have proven to be less than reliable due to climatic, environmental and legal issues outside of our control,” he said.
For more water wise tips, visit or call (760) 438-2722.