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Water desalination plant seeks funding

CARLSBAD — Now that a desalination plant has been approved to be built on Agua Hedionda Lagoon, Poseidon Resources, Inc., which will operate the plant, is looking for funding.
Scott Maloni, vice president of the Stamford, Conn.-based company, said one possibility is to receive federal funds in the amount of $175 million. Poseidon Resources had been looking for private investors, but with President-elect Barack Obama stating he would like to jump-start the economy with public works projects, the San Diego County Water Authority is requesting federal funds.
When completed, the desal plant will be able to make 50 million gallons of fresh water from salt water taken from the lagoon basin.
The plant will supply water to nine water agencies in San Diego County. The public agencies have signed a 30-year contract with Poseidon Resources, which will begin construction later this year.

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C'bad-Steve January 10, 2009 at 7:02 am

What happens after it ‘makes 50 million gallons’? Do we then recycle the plant itself?

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