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Ward O’Doherty

Ward O’Doherty says he brings experience working with big budgets and big egos to City Council. O’Doherty has worked as a Hollywood producer and now works as a business consultant.
“I have multimillion dollar budget business acumen not currently represented on the council,” O’Doherty said.
In addition to budget sense, O’Doherty said he also knows how to bring people together on issues. He said he will work to bring the best ideas together to further the city.
O’Doherty previously ran for City Council in 2005 and said the experience taught him a lot about putting a campaign together.
O’Doherty feels that the present challenges the council is facing makes it the prefect storm to run again. “The general public is tired of political rhetoric and infighting on the council,” O’Doherty said. “The tide has changed in Oceanside. People are a little bit angry.”
O’Doherty feels that citizens want to elect a council member they can count on to represent them and not special interests. “I believe in Oceanside business owners and homeowners, whose voices may have never been heard,” O’Doherty said.
O’Doherty also believes in miracles. As a young man he had a brain tumor and a 2 percent chance to live. O’Doherty said he is alive today because of his faith in Jesus Christ and the support of his mother who raised him and his five siblings.
“I look at world differently,” O’Doherty said. “I have a better understanding of what’s important. I strive to make the best out of every day.”
His vision is to help develop the city’s unrealized revenue sources such as the harbor, airport, golf course and downtown area. “We’re not making the most out of what we have,” O’Doherty said. “Oceanside is special piece of real estate. It’s a great natural resource to bring out of the shadows and into limelight and I’m the guy to do it.”
O’Doherty also wants to look into ways to cut costs. He supports opening the city waste hauling contract to competitive bidding and hopes the city can secure a new contact that brings in revenue streams.
O’Doherty says he is open minded to a future city charter, but said he cannot support the current charter as it is written.