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Wall Street Bloodhound tracks down valuable investor info

VISTA — A new investor resource, Wall Street Bloodhound, ( has opened its doors with an exclusive offer to The Coast News readers of 4,000-plus websites over three downloadable lists for $199 — which is under a nickel per click.

Created by George Krivine, a former stockbroker with more than 25 years of experience, it was developed to partner public filings with a multi-step vetting of private and public companies found in public records.

George Krivine, former stockbroker. Courtesy photo

Available by download and then implementing the use of hyperlinks, each list is free of popups, banner ads and other potential distractions.

The bundle consists of three lists, the first encompassing 1,200-plus private and general search results for medical marijuana businesses in North American and selected international locales.

The second list contains 2,000-plus UAV public, private and general search results for aerial — ground — surface drone companies. The third list is made up of 1,300-plus metro area San Diego private, public and general search results.

While many traditional large employers are in the automotive, financial and various service businesses,

the economic downturn that began in the summer of 2008, caused many individuals in the rush to “down size,” and  to channel  their emotions, energies, expertise and passions to start new businesses.

Their initiative along with a maturing & expanding online ecomomy, are positioning themselves from a layoff casualty to an entrepreneur creating new jobs in the community.

Wall Street Bloodhound’s proprietary approach scours public records and utilizes certain search terms to find businesses that are relevant.

Wall Street Bloodhound does not endorse businesses found in public records, nor does it offer investment advice; but the format enables an individual investor to “virtually visit” with new and existing businesses.

The Coast News readers are encouraged to purchase the bundle before Aug. 18. Shortly thereafter, the content will be released to social media and ecommerce marketing platforms. Visit to see when each list is available separately. A price increase will take place on an undetermined date.

Content in the pipeline includes public and private companies in Arizona, Colorado and Florida that are intended for release commencing prior to the holidays with three more states scheduled to roll out in the first quarter of 2018.

Visit today for details and to preview 50 websites in both the San Diego and medical marijuana lists and 75 websites in the drone – UAV list. Receive the inside track on this valuable information as this $199 offer will end soon. After Aug. 18 the bundle will be released on major ecommerce platforms at a higher price. Act now! Email: