Eye on the Coast

Voters will consider 5 propositions in June 8 primary

Unlike previous elections when state props were heavily ballyhooed, none of the five on the primary ballot have caused folks to suffer from hypertension. Prop. 13 allows for earthquake safety improvements that can be made to a domicile without causing a reassessment of the property. Prop. 14 deals with primary elections wherein all candidates running for the same office will appear on one ballot regardless of party. The two top vote-getters will face off in the general election. Prop. 15 is a test program on public campaign funding for candidates for Secretary of State for the 2014 and 2018 elections. Participating candidates will agree to limit campaign spending and follow guidelines. Prop. 16 is a right to vote measure that requires a two-thirds OK to use taxpayers’ dollars by electrical service providers to expand to a new area. Auto insurance is the basis of Prop. 17. It provides for insurance companies to include whether an applicant has had continuous coverage as a consideration for setting rates. There you have it. Best to contact your official Voter Guide.
Worth a look
Councilwoman Teresa Barth, who took in the silent train horns demo recently in the Surfside City, sez she spoke to the principals afterward and they assured her they would do a similar showing in the Flower Capital gratis.
Community Hootenanny
Elkette Lodge member Gloria Curry is beating the publicity drums for a Community Hootenanny set for July 9 through July 11 at the Elks Lodge, 1393 Windsor Road in Cardiff-by-the Sea. What’s a hootenanny? Well it’s old-style, foot-stomping music like Lyle Hammond and the Encinitas Ranch Hands usta play a long, long time ago, plus great home cooked chow, exhibits like vintage cars, games and diversions for the small fry. Gloria sez it will be a hoot. Additional skinny is available by dialing (760) 753-2243.
Cal bonds
State Dept. of Water Resources is in the process of peddling $2 bil. in tax-exempt bonds it needs to move Cal forward. It indicates bonds are highly rated and a great investment opportunity. No IOUs when you wanna redeem them.
Vista sports park
An $18.7 mil., 16-acre, state-of-the art sports park is almost ready for competition. It includes soccer fields with synthetic turf, baseball diamonds and amenities like bleachers, restrooms, walls, underground utilities, a caretaker’s pad and a site for a future community center funding came from a voter-approved half-cent sales tax in 2007.
Rip currents
Loss of a great amount of sand (some of which has come back), gaping holes in the ocean floor and stronger than usual currents have caused lifeguards in the area to warn swimmers, particularly the novices, to be extra cautious when venturing out into the sea.
Grant recipients
Seven area nonprofit organizations are recipients of Neighborhood Reinvestment Program grants thanks to the efforts of County Supe Chair Pam Slater-Price. These include $5,000 each to the Encinitas Chamber of Commerce, Solana Beach Civic & Historical Society, San Dieguito Heritage Museum, Del Mar Village Association and Helen Woodward Animal Center; Cardiff-by-the Sea Chamber received $7,500; and the city of Solana Beach received $25 big ones.
Skateboard museum
A currently vacant maintenance yard in downtown C’bad has been proposed for a skateboard facility and museum by a group of bizness folks. The idea was advanced several weeks ago by Coast News Group columnist and assistant editor Eric Murtaugh. He opined it would take skateboarders off streets and sidewalks and display the history of skateboarding in the city. Councilors are receptive of it as a long-term project. Currently there is one skateboard facility adjacent to police headquarters that is due for removal to make room for a training center.
Another eruption
Just when O’siders had taken sides on a City Council candidate and decided whether to adopt the charter form of government they were shaken with an upheaval in the Tri-City Medical Center’s board of trustees that topped the volcano eruption in Iceland. Before it had simmered down CEO Larry Anderson had been fired and rehired and Madeline Rodrigues, chair of the Medical Board, had walked out of a meeting and quit. Folks are now wondering, “What next?”
Parents livid with trustees
Parents of some children attending Surfside City schools staged a small protest in the presence of trustees recently indicating their displeasure over the firing of Supe Sharon McClain. They threatened to clean the slate when elections are held. However, by then attitudes may have changed and there will be a new leader. Comischell Rodriguez has resigned as prexy but remains on the board.
Traditional barbecue Saturday
San Dieguito Heritage Museum will present its 22nd annual barbeque Saturday May 15. Serving starts at noon. Kids games, a silent auction, a great opportunity to palaver with friends under a tent and entertainment starting at 1 p.m. are on the program. Sunday, a country concert at 1 p.m. will feature Carl Verheyen and Steve Travato. Tix for both days will be available on site.
Landscape award
City of Solbeach has garnered an Award of Merit in Landscape Architecture from Landscape Council of California for its design of the Rail Trail. Certainly well-deserved.
No undergrounding
The Sandpiper, the Surfside City’s community journal, was out with the results of the undergrounding vote minutes after the tally was announced. The proposal went down the tube 51.3 percent in the Sunset District and a decisive 57.1 percent in the North Hills District. Major media usta publish “extras” with late-breaking news, but now the electronics outlets do it on air. Time marches on.
2008 presidential candidate Mitt Romney, according to reports, has bought a La Jolla manse for $12 mil. … Three major employee pensions are reported to be $500 bil. in the tank … Rancho Santa Fe residents are being indoctrinated on undergrounding of utilities which may be coming to their neighborhoods … C’bad resident Tom Arnold has suggested the city stage a weeklong Christmas/holiday festival with organizations each having a special event … Santa Maria State Sen. Abel Maldonado has finally been named lieutenant governor after months of the usual Sacto capers … Surfrider Foundation has filed another money-wasting lawsuit costing taxpayers that likely will be trash-canned against S.D. Water Quality Control Board related to the Encina desalination project … Is sale of fairgrounds a possibility?
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