Voters fill school board, irrigation district seats

RANCHO SANTA FE — Tyler Seltzer, Richard Burdge and newcomer Todd Buchner have been elected to serve on the Rancho Santa School Board. 

Seltzer earned 21.59 percent of the vote; with Burdge receiving 21.18 percent of the vote and Buchner 21.14 percent.

The two candidates for change were Lorraine Brovick Kent and Heather Slosar; Bovick Kent earned19.07 percent of the vote and Slosar 17.02 percent.

Seltzer, who attended school in Rancho Santa Fe from the Village Church Preschool through R. Roger Rowe and on to Torrey Pines High School, said he is happy to have been elected.

“I am extremely happy and honored,” Seltzer said. “I think the results are an affirmation that the community wants proven, productive and positive leadership.”

Burdge was happy to have been re-elected and to serve his third term on the board as the person with history and experience.

When he finishes this latest term, he will have served 12 years on the school board.

“I am excited to serve another four years on the school board,” Burdge said. “My take (about the vote) is that the community is very satisfied with the school board over the last four to eight years that I have been on it. I think the status quo is good. It is more difficult when there are there are issues that polarize the community, but there is nothing out there today. We are just supporting and educating our kids the best we can.”

On the Santa Fe Irrigation District, Greg Gruzdowich, a candidate who advocates financial change in the district won the seat in division one, winning over incumbent Kenneth Dunford. Gruzdowich earned 55.61 percent of the vote. Dunford got 44.39 percent.

In division 2, former FBI agent Alan Smerican beat out retired businesswoman Holly Smith Jones.

“I very thrilled to be on the board,” said Smerican. “I look forward joining the board and working with everyone.”



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