Volunteers organize for teenagers leaving foster care

RANCHO SANTA FE — Hosted by Lauren Reynolds of Channel 10 News and sponsored by UBS, Just In Time For Foster Youth held its annual golf fundraiser Oct. 21 at The Crosby National Golf Club. Just In Time For Foster Youth is a grassroots organization of volunteers that assists foster youth when they turn 18 and leave foster care.
More than 300 youth in San Diego find themselves completely on their own after leaving foster care. It has been estimated that more than 45 percent of those leaving foster care become homeless within 18 months.
Just In Time board member and UBS Senior Vice President Investments Tony Hsu, said the organization was launched to “see if we could keep these kids off the streets and on their way to self-sufficient and productive lives.”
“With some assistance, these youth can be employed or in school and not on the streets with a negative effect on our economy,” Hsu said. “They may be troubled but they are most often resilient, bright and full of heart. Without assistance, many of them will be in prison or dead.”
During the last year, former foster youth received more than $250,000 in funds and in-kind donations, including 207 dorm rooms and apartment set-ups, 51 computers,
62 beds, $15,000 in food, and $39,000 in emergency assistance and basic needs from
Just In Time.
For more information, Just In Time For Foster Youth can be reached by email at
JIT@JIT FosterYouth.org or by writing 10531 4S Commons Dr., Box 166-478, San Diego 92127.


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