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Vista fire department plans to renumber units

VISTA — At a recent Vista Fire Protection District meeting, Fire Chief Jeff Hahn talked about a big project the fire department has scheduled in August. According to Hahn, they will be renumbering their units throughout the north zone.

Hahn pointed out that current numbers have been four digits. The reason for instituting a different numbering system is to make things easier, particularly on the radio. Hahn said this would help differentiate and distinguish Vista from the surrounding cities that use a four-number unit system.

“You get a lot of people talking over each other on the radio, so this gives a little bit more separation in the audible numbering of the vehicles,” Hahn said. “That was the intent with this.”

The last number of the unit will represent the station. Hahn cited the example that Station One would have Engine 121 and Medic 121. The new numbering system will also allow for further growth.

Hahn also reported on a recent fire department monthly activity report. The district had responded to 130 incidents and 125 urgent calls. The average response time was 5.25 minutes.

The goal is to keep a response time at six minutes or less.

Directors of the Vista Fire Protection District wanted to know if the fire department has had any rattlesnake calls. While those numbers weren’t readily available, the fire department estimated there had been dozens of calls. There is no charge to residents for those calls.

Hahn also added that the fire department cooperates with Fish and Game. For example, if a rattlesnake presents an immediate hazard to people, such as inside a residence, the fire department can capture and relocate the snake.