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Vista council toys with design ideas for appreciation coin

VISTA — City Councilman Joe Green initiated a discussion item about resident reward coins at the Oct. 10 council meeting. Councilman John Aguilera was not present, however, the remaining council members gave their input to help further shape the design concept.

The idea behind the reward coin is to gift Vista residents as a way of recognizing and thanking them on behalf of the city for making a difference in their community.

Green suggested a chrome-colored coin with the city of Vista seal on the front side with the image of City Hall on the backside.

He asked his fellow council members for their opinions.

Councilwoman Amanda Rigby thanked Green for bringing up the discussion item. She shared that she and a previous council member brought the idea up a few years ago.

At that time, it was going to be an out-of-pocket expense and it was exceedingly expensive, Rigby said.

Rigby said she liked the concept for the front side of the coin but had a different idea for the back of it. Rather than City Hall, she suggested the city of Vista’s mission statement and said it would be more meaningful. Rigby said she has the city’s mission statement in her office and she reads it every time she is there.

“It (the mission statement) says, ‘The City is dedicated to providing exceptional services, to improving Vista’s quality of life, and to enhancing the uniqueness of the Vista community,’” Rigby said.

Rigby also pointed out that Vista was a city name used in other parts of the nation such as in the state of New York.

Because of this, she said she somehow would like the coin to have the state of California on it. 

Green agreed that having the city’s mission statement on the backside of the coin was a great choice. He also agreed that both the city and state should be present around the city seal.

“I think what we really need to do is give the staff consensus to OK the use of the city seal for a coin,” Green said.

It was also agreed that the resident reward coin would be used to promote the city. The purchase of the coins cannot exceed $5,000.

The City Council did not need to make a motion since staff received clear design direction.