Jazz duo Mattson 2 closes out the evening, earning enthusiastic applause from the audience for their sizzling, rhythmic solos. Photos by Rachel Stine
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Village music opens fundraising for anniversary festival

CARLSBAD — Celebrating its 10th anniversary season and highlighting its Kickstarter fundraising campaign, the Carlsbad Music Festival hosted a Village Walk of mini-music concerts by local artists on June 21.Singing, guitar strumming, plucks from South African mbiras, and other harmonious sounds floated throughout Carlsbad’s downtown area during the evening’s 44 performances by 30 different San Diego music groups.

Specifically hosted on International Music Day, festival organizers aspired to sponsor musicians from a variety of global genres, said festival director Matt McBane.

The free performances were held at venues throughout the Village, including Magee Park, Relm, and Boxd.

The Village Walk also doubled as a fundraiser for the tenth annual Carlsbad Music Festival coming up on Sept. 20 through Sept. 22.

The weekend long festival will consist of some short live performances around the Village and feature full-length concerts during the evenings.

“We’re trying to make the festival bigger than last year,” said Matt McBane executive director of the festival.

The Carlsbad Music Festival has always relied on donations to cover its costs, which include artist and venue fees.

But, this year’s online campaign through the website Kickstarter is meant to encourage the community to help fund the event, McBane said.

The campaign is designed to raise $10,000 in 30 days, beginning on June 16 and ending July 17.

So far the campaign raised over $1,500 in its first 10 days. Visit carlsbadmusicfestival.org for more information.