Vidanta Foundation literary contest

COAST CITIES — The Vidanta Foundation is encouraging North County students to take part in a literary contest, with prizes as much as $1,000, focusing on finding

solutions to Latin American poverty.

The contest welcomes submissions in English and Spanish in a variety of

forms, including essays, short stories, testimonials and poetry. The deadline for submissions is Feb. 15. Dowload applications at E-mail the completed form in its entirety to

The awards, open to 12- to 18-year-olds living in the U.S., were

created by Daniel Chavez Moran, a Mexican entrepreneur and

philanthropist who founded Vidanta Foundation, a non-profit that aims

to reduce poverty in Latin America through the promotion of economic

development, social sciences and culture.

Award categories include Health, Sciences and Technology, Literature and Public Policy. This award category, Literature, calls on the creativity of today’s youth to use the beauty of language and its expression to raise awareness of poverty in Latin America.

In particular, this category calls on submitters to use all literary devices at their disposal to come up with submissions that educate while stirring the emotions.

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