Veterans bring high voltage to new business

COAST CITIES — Why would you want to rebuild your battery instead of just buying a new one? For Boot Camp buddies Josh Zeller and Brad Vining, the answer is simple. They firmly believe they can give you a higher quality battery at a lower cost, and keep one more battery out of the landfills, as well. When the rechargeable batteries found in cordless tools die, their job is to take the battery and bring it back to life.
As a result, the pair of Marine Corps vets have launched Fix My Batteries, at 1291 Simpson Way, Suite F, Escondido.
“All of our rebuilds are guaranteed to outlast and outperform any battery from any original equipment manufacturer,” Zeller said. “Every battery we rebuild will be better than new.”
Both owners are disabled/wounded combat vets who served as Marine Corps infantry and were stationed together for years as the Marines moved them between postings.
In 2003, on a training march, the weight of Vining’s pack caused rib and nerve damage from a previously undetected congenital skeletal problem. Three weeks before he was to ship out for Iraq, Vining was discharged on disability.
Zeller was part of Operation Iraqi Freedom, as a member of the 1st Marine Division out of Camp Pendleton, helping with the capture of Baghdad. He has been shot, injured by improvised explosive devices and grenades. After his third injury, he was discharged, but struggled with the post-battlefield transition.
By 2007, Vining was working for a battery rebuilder and determined he could do the same work in a nicer place and charge less, so he called Zeller to suggest launching a business. Work from their fellow veterans launched the business.
For more information on what Fix My Batteries can do for you, call (760) 747-8762 or visit or the store site Mondays through Saturday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.