Baby Boomer Peace

Use the election for good

We are entering election week. After two years of campaigning we all have a chance to vote for the persons that we individually think will shape this nation the way we would like it to be.My focus is on the baby boomers out there.

Many of us may have a laissez faire attitude about the results of the election because we have already fought the battles of education, careers and family. Yes it has been a struggle and I doubt if there are too many of you out there that would be willing to have amnesia and go back and do it all again.

The rear view window is satisfying for the most part. But, we are the generation that better get its act together to protect our children and grandchildren. To be honest, on the whole, we’ve been greedy.

We have allowed elected representatives, both local and nationally, to collude with their donors. Abysmal legislation has been passed over the last 30 years or so that reward teachers who don’t teach, elected representatives that don’t represent and federal and state workers lavish retirements at the expense of maintaining basic services.

That is a general statement because there are good teachers and good federal and state workers who do care, but the public sector unions have taken you and I out of the equation. Somehow we need competition both in the schools and for basic services called outsourcing.

The private sector is much more efficient than government will ever be. There is no incentive to improve when you can’t be fired.

Now we baby boomers can do something to turn things around on even a personal level.

Our nation has created an entitlement society that on one level has destroyed the family. I’m talking about the children of welfare mothers. I say mothers because if there were a father in a low-income family there would not be government assistance. So, our government has created the conditions of making a father irrelevant.

A child should have a mother and father in the home. When a mother is on welfare it sends a message to the youth.

When a mother is prideful enough not to sit at home watching soap operas and eating bon-bons, she is out there working two and three jobs. This leaves the children to find other sources of belonging.

When this occurs these kids become At-Risk kids. The chance of these children becoming productive members of society as adults diminishes exponentially.

I bring this up because a dear friend of mine, Gloria O’Shea, runs a charitable organization in the community. I would highly recommend viewing her website at

This 501 c3 foundation seeks contributions or volunteers to their cause. Gloria seeks out the At-Risk children, brings them out of their less than ideal surroundings and teaches them how to become productive thinking members of society.

They are taught yoga, nutrition and the basics of fairness and love toward others. I have a personal experience because Sean O’Shea, as a youngster in his teens, worked for me when I owned Teriyaki 101 in Leucadia. Working for me was just a speed bump to his growth. Sean created this highly successful foundation to help others before he was tragically struck down by a freak highway accident about six years ago.

I use Gloria’s foundation to her son as an example of finding good, honest and upstanding foundations that better our society.

As baby boomers we can help out either through our volunteering to organizations such as these or through our cash contributions.

We baby boomers can still have a positive impact on the future for our children and for our nation.

When you vote Nov. 6 you are voting for the macro solution but while casting that vote, think of the micro solutions as well and what you can do help. The peace that comes to you from giving is immeasurable.

Please find your peace wherever it takes you but don’t accept your peace at the expense of others.


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William Cummings November 29, 2012 at 8:24 pm

Joe Moris shows his ‘ Conservative Biases ‘ as he suggest’s all ‘ Big Corporations ‘ do everything better for ‘ We The People ‘ than Government ‘ ! Hell , I don’t Trust ‘ Wall Street ‘ or Other ‘ Big Corp. ‘ to have our ‘ 97 % – Best Interest’s at Heart ‘ !!!!!

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