A rendering shows what the 112-unit condo complex on the corner of Centre City Parkway and West Washington Avenue will look like. Courtesy photo
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Upscale condos approved in Escondido

ESCONDIDO — The developer behind the Latitude 33 Apartment complex was just approved to build another condominium complex nearby on the corner of Centre City Parkway and West Washington Avenue.

On Aug. 20, the City Council approved building a 112-unit condominium on the entire block that is also home to the Escondido Inn.

Mayor Sam Abed called the Latitude 33 Apartments “high-end,” and said the new condos are a welcome addition.

“The Latitude 33 (apartments) have been a great success story,” he said. “That’s the type of development we want in Escondido.”

The project, a collaborative effort between NCA Developments and Lyon Communities, will consist of 60 one-bedroom units and 52 two-bedroom units ranging from 788 square feet to 1,336 square feet.

“This project is going to be higher quality and have more amenities than what’s across the street,” Peter Zak, president of NCA Developments said, referring to the Latitude 33 apartments.

There will be six separate buildings, ranging from three to four stories and 210 parking spaces.

There will be a resort-style pool and spa, barbecues, canopies, a clubroom and fitness rooms.

There is no on street parking, which Councilmember Ed Gallo said is an issue.

Zak said the average monthly rent for the apartments will be close to $2,000.

The councilmembers were in support of the project, saying it would bring more expendable income to downtown Escondido.

“It’s a beautiful project. It will compliment the existing Latitude (apartments) across the street very well. It’s exactly the type of project we have tried to attract to Escondido,” Councilmember Olga Diaz said.

Residents of the complex would get in through a driveway on Centre City Parkway.

The Escondido Inn would remain where it is although the Inn owners expressed concern that the condominium signage and trees would make it difficult for people to see their signs.

Girish Hagen, co-owner of Escondido Inn said, “40 percent of our business is walk-in, if they’re not able to find us or see us in respect to our sign and our business, they will have difficulty getting to our location.”

Zak said they’re working towards an agreement and the Planning Commission added a stipulation to lower the trees on the adjacent wall of the Escondido Inn.

The shape of the property has made it difficult for NCA Developments and Lyon Communities.

Last month Zak told the Planning Commission this was the most difficult project he has worked on. That hasn’t dampened his enthusiasm.

“We’re really excited about the project,” said Zak.

Construction will begin early next year, in January or February.

Apartments will be available for move-in within a year and the apartments will be complete within 15 months.

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ariq August 28, 2015 at 9:15 am

There is an affordability housing crisis in California, including Escondido, and this is what this elitist group approves – amazing!

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