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Tree tips offered by task force

RANCHO SANTA FE — The Association has re-established a Forest Task Force to address residents’ concerns about removing trees and saving infected trees and to address its role in the process.
At the board of directors meeting July 16, Vice President Kim Higgins made a motion to form a task force to include representatives from the Association, the Rancho Santa Fe Foundation, the Fire Safety Council and other individuals or agencies to develop educational materials and programs to address acute issues regarding the health of an infected tree.
Since the re-establishment of the Forest Task Force, two meetings have been held.
As a result of the meetings, a Rancho Santa Fe Forest Health Web site has been set up at
The site includes a Frequently Asked Questions section, which addresses concerns as well as provides links to more information on insect infestations that pose the biggest threats to the trees.
The site also provides contact information for experienced local tree companies that can provide solutions.
A list of trees recommended for people to replace those that have been removed will be uploaded to the site as soon as it has been approved by the Art Jury.
The list includes tall skyline trees; canopy trees; vertical growing trees; ornamental trees; and low-multibranching trees.
“We need to place an emphasis on replanting,” Dick Doughty, who serves as a board director and is also a member of the Forest Task Force, said. “We’ve been removing a lot of trees, but we need to replant.”
Association President Bill Beckman agreed. “We need to take action now,” he said. “The trees we plant now will be around for generations to come. It’s part of a rebeautification process.”
Suggestions from the newly re-established Forest Task Force include creating an arboretum to display different types of trees, giving residents a preview of what options they have for their properties.
Beckman also suggested that trees be ranked according to drought tolerance. “This is important in the decision-making process,” he said.
The next Forest Task Force meeting is scheduled for 9 a.m. Sept. 14. The meeting will focus on ways to further educate the community about these issues.