Travel memories caught on camera

For most people, taking photos is as much a part of the trip as plane tickets, suitcases and postcards. We want to be able to bring home memories and relive our travels.

With the advent of digital photography, making memories has become so incredibly easy and inexpensive, but most of us fail to make prints. Our photos stay on our phones, computers, laptops and tablets. With all the sharing technology available, maybe we don’t need prints, but there is something special about paging through a photo album. Sure, compared to today’s high-resolution photos, the prints-of-old may look a bit grainy and fuzzy, but they are still dear to our hearts and can bring back the special moments of our journeys.

Here are a few photos of some of the people my husband and I have encountered during out travels in past years. All except one are prints in our albums, which we ceased to assemble in 2005 when we bought our first digital camera.


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