Encinitas’ Traffic Commission puts its support behind the installation of more bike kiosks, like the ones pictured, in other areas around Leucadia. Photo by Tony Cagala
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Traffic Commission supports Leucadia bike kiosks

ENCINITAS — The Encinitas Traffic and Public Safety Commission threw its unanimous support behind installing sleek so-called “bike kiosks” in front of three coffee shops in Leucadia.

The souped-up bike racks — which generally include four or more bike-shaped parking areas — have become popular throughout the region, including locally in Leucadia where a corral stands at Leucadia Roadside Park.

The Traffic Commission’s recommendation, which is forwarded to the City Council, would call for the city to install the corrals in front of Coffee Coffee on Jasper Street and Coast Highway 101, Pannikin on Coast Highway 101 and Athena Street, and Lofty Coffee at Coast Highway 101 and A Street.

The Traffic Commission declined to support a fourth location that staff suggested, in front of St. Tropez and Starbucks Coffee on Coast Highway 101 in downtown, because there were already a number of bike racks at that location.

Staff estimates that it will cost about $2,200 for each of the locations.

The Traffic Commission originally discussed the corrals in September, but asked staff to return with specific locations after concerns that the kiosks could eliminate street parking, which is at a premium in some locations around town.