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Time for a new supervisor

After 40 years of public service, Mayor Jim Wood of Oceanside is running for District 5 County Supervisor.

He is running to unseat Bill Horn, who, in my opinion, has been around too long.

It is unfortunately only human nature to take things for granted as the years pass — just one of the reasons we need new blood.

If you are for more development and more traffic and more chance of backcountry wild fires, then vote Horn back in. It’s all in his voting record.

Check the list of his major campaign contributors and “follow the money.” They are predominately pro-development interests.

One development he has been in favor of was the Gregory Canyon landfill project.

The project has received so much opposition from the voters, that Horn is now saying he opposes the project.

Mayor Jim Wood has the endorsement of the Oceanside, Vista and San Marcos firefighters.

That speaks well for Mayor Jim Wood. He is a proven dedicated public servant.

Please vote for Jim Wood for District 5 Board of Supervisors.

Jim Kydd, Publisher