Rancho Santa Fe resident In-Kyung Kim poses for The Coast News during her practice session on Tuesday. Photo by Daniel Knighton
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Three questions with golfer In-Kyung Kim

CARLSBAD — Three questions were posed to professional golfer and Rancho Santa Fe resident In-Kyung Kim during a practice session Tuesday before the start of the KIA Classic at the La Costa Resort and Spa March 22.How does it feel playing so close to home?IK: It doesn’t even feel like a tournament, you know?

Because you don’t have to travel?

IK: That’s part of it, sleeping in my own bed is nice!

Caddy John Lamonti: You’ve got your whole wardrobe to select from!

IK: * Laughs * Yeah!

JL: That’s the hardest part, when you are home you are like “What do I wear”?

What do you think your biggest challenge will be going into the tournament?

IK: My biggest challenge? Probably the weather, it gets very windy in the afternoon. And I heard there is a cold front coming in, so other than that.

JL: All we can do is control our process, that’s the only thing you can really control. Other than that, it should be a good week.

IK: It’s nice to come back to La Costa, it’s such a nice area. Everybody loves to come here! It’s good for the tour too. The tournament course has always been tough, the roughs are definitely thicker. They used to have a PGA here, so they know how to make it tough!

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