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Three days can triple your bottom line; plus mistakes top business owners should avoid

We talked to one of the nation’s top business coaches, located in the Cardiff area of San Diego to find out her secrets. Allison Maslan mentors business owners from all over the country.

She’s built 10 successful businesses from the ground up while starting out as a single mom.

She knows first-hand what makes a business succeed, as well as, the worst mistakes many business owners make. Allison says many business owners have great dreams, yet fly by-the-seat of their pants without a strategic plan.

They spin at the same revenue level because they’re running around doing all of the busy work, rather than hiring help so they can grow.

They need to practice their expertise and get help to run the business.

Allison, what are your coaching secrets?

The two main ingredients to success are passion and relentless determination. My father built the largest women’s clothing chain in the U.S. from the ‘60s to ‘80s out of sheer passion. He inspired me to realize I could do anything I set my mind to. I learned early on that if I wanted something, I needed to create it myself.

As I told my former client, Sam Zien, “Walk towards your dreams and don’t ever let anyone tell you they can’t be done.’

What holds business owners back from reaching big success?

Fear keeps them thinking and acting small.  Many people don’t know where to start, but they have fantastic dreams!

Yet these dreams are just fantasy until they’re put into action.

What are some avoidable mistakes?

There’s the business of practicing your expertise, then there’s the business of running a business. This is the part many entrepreneurs struggle with.

To succeed you have to have solid foundations in product development, marketing, sales, systems, hiring, team building, time management and more.

Most business owners have a handle on only few of those, and they’re floundering on the rest.

This is why we  mentor business owners. So they can have the support step-by-step to reach their goals.

Allison says for entreprenuers or anyone looking to grow their business, the best gift or yearround present is having a clear-cut direction to take your business to the next level and beyond.

Her one time a year BlastOff Business Breakthrough event will happen in La Jolla Jan. 16 through Jan. 18.

Allison is offering readers $200 off when you register by Dec. 30.

(Use Promo Code: PINNACLE) “Don’t wait,” Allison adds, “we’re already 70 percent sold out!” Learn more at or call (858) 794-0787.

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