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Thousands gather at Tea Party rally on tax day in Oceanside

OCEANSIDE — More than 2,000 people turned out for the Tea Party Rally at the Pier Amphitheater on tax day, April 15. Tea Party supporters share the belief that Americans are overtaxed and the government is overspending.
Rally-goers packed the amphitheater and held signs that protested government spending that supports company bailouts, services for undocumented immigrants and abortions.
There were also signs that disagreed with Tea Party ideas. Other signs said, “I’m with stupid,” and “I’m not one of them.”
“We’re taxed enough already,” Bonnie Bonhivert of Escondido said. Bonhivert sees the struggling economy and accumulating government debt as a burden her grandchildren will have to bear. “My son and I are very involved lately,” Bonhivert said. “My motivation is to protect my grandchildren.”
“The future is not as bright as it used to be,” Melissa Woodall of Vista said. Woodall is a mother of five. She brought her children, who range in age from 7 to 18, to the rally. “I want to impress in their minds, they can participate as a citizen and protest if necessary,” Woodall said.
Fiscally conservative city and state politicians took the stage and let the crowd know that they are listening to citizens’ budget concerns.
“They’re angry and passionate at the same time,” Steve Poizner, candidate for California governor, said. “They’re angry because taxes are too high. At the same time they’re passionate that the government needs to be fixed. It’s a party movement that has really struck a nerve with a lot of people.”
To help the state economy recover, Poizner proposes a10 percent cut in sales and income taxes and a 50 percent slash in capital investment taxes. “That will make California competitive again and bring more jobs back to the state of California,” Poizner said.
Poizner also wants to stop taxpayer benefits for illegal immigrants that he feels draw a large number of undocumented immigrates to California. “We have to turn the job magnet off and the taxpayer benefits magnet off,” Poizner said.
Oceanside Councilman Jerry Kern had some cost-saving ideas at the city level. Kern proposed that the city ask all 160 nonrepresented city employees to pay for their own retirement benefits, which would save the city $400,000.
Kern stressed that he supports Lloyd Prosser, a fiscal conservative, for City Council in the June election. “We need a third fiscal conservative on council,” Kern said.