Things get buggy in Elfin Forest

COAST CITIES — While bugs are not most people’s favorite part of summer, there are some critters nearby that everyone can enjoy. The latest exhibition at the Elfin Forest Interpretive Center was unveiled July 6, featuring insect specimens collected from around the world by Harmony Grove resident Marvin Valverde. The 784-acre reserve and center were developed by Olivenhain Municipal Water District as an element of the Olivenhain Water Storage Project and the Authority’s Emergency Storage Project.The insect exhibit, appropriate for all ages, features over 30 displays and will continue through September. The exhibit was made possible by the Escondido Creek Conservancy in partnership with Olivenhain Municipal Water District. For the hours of operation of the Elfin Forest Interpretive Center Honoring Susan J. Varty, call (760) 632-4212.



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