The world is getting scarier

It’s hard to believe that it has been 14 years since the attack against every red, white and blue American. That was when the scum of humanity knocked down the World Trade Center towers. America initially took the initiative to fight these demonic forces but since 2010 America has become a “limp noodle.”

The world is scary and getting even scarier now that this insane Iran treaty (that for some ungodly reason isn’t being called a treaty) has emboldened the most vile government on earth to continue its plan of nefarious deeds against Israel and the United States. Our (as Trump would label them) “stupid” Republican senators have been bamboozled once again.

This Iran deal should have been a treaty but Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell allowed the Iranian plan to be an ordinary up-or-down bill instead. If this “agreement with Iran” was labeled a treaty it would have required a 60-vote majority to pass the Senate and that never would have happened. As it is now, it takes 60 votes to defeat this “plan” instead but Obama can and will veto it.

If this was considered a treaty, the failed bill would never have reached the president’s desk for action. But now, since it is not a treaty, the vetoed bill will be sent back to the Senate to see if the Senate can block/override the president’s veto.

Unfortunately it only takes 34 blackmailed Democratic senators to uphold the veto and allow this Lucifer-inspired agreement to become law. For seven years Senate Republicans have been playing checkers while Obama has been playing chess. The American people of course continue to come out the losers . . . as usual. Only someone who is being bribed or had a lobotomy would support a “treaty” that allows the enemy (Iran) instead of the United Nation’s IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) to conduct inspections of their own military/nuclear facilities. And, you said what?

This administration, through their chief Obamacare (ACA) architect Jonathan Gruber, called the American people “stupid” for accepting the ACA. He is on numerous recordings admitting this administration had to lie to get the legislation passed (Google it). But, it seems that at least 12 of those “stupid” Democratic senators who supported that monstrosity aren’t so sure about trusting Obama with this Iran deal. Too bad there aren’t 13!
Polls are showing that nearly 80 percent of Americans don’t want this deal with Iran yet this administration and those 34 Senate democrats are going to jam it down our throats, just like they did with Obamacare.

I sure hope we make it to 2017. We need a president, ANY PRESIDENT, who will throw that garbage deal into the shredder, stand up to Russia and China and tell Iran that if they continue to enrich plutonium and secure ICBMs then we’ll go in and take them out . . . and then do it! Except for the devils among us, nobody likes war but if we don’t neutralize Iran, they’ll neutralize us. Even the Persian people don’t like their theocratic rulers and when President Obama had a chance to support the Arab Spring protesters in 2010 he didn’t say a word and played golf instead. Obama’s support for Iran is very, very suspect.

I used to ponder as a youth in Sunday school class how the second coming of Christ could possibly be known or witnessed immediately by everyone around the world. Now I think I have a pretty good idea. Most people, if not awake, will still be sleeping with their phones within easy reach. Almost instantaneously on any given day we can see and read about the most egregious activities occurring around the world, like the beheadings by demonic ISIS (this administration won’t even call them ISIS . . . they are instructed to call them ISIL and I’ll bet 99 percent of you don’t even know the difference. ISIS doesn’t even call itself ISIL).

We are daily confronted with stories about aborted fetal tissue gathering with the use of our tax dollars, police shootings, unions and George Soros-backed anarchists protesting in the streets (Occupy Wall Street/Black Lives Matter/Hands up don’t shoot) and other mind-boggling demonic acts that bring instability to our country.

I wish that some supernatural force would just pluck all the demonic personalities on this earth and put them down on another planet somewhere and let them all live out their lives lusting for the killing and maiming of each other while those without evil intention in their hearts get to stick around earth and make this world a better place to live in. Come next month and almost 53 years ago to the day I lived through watching the Cuban missile crises while huddled around the television with my brothers and my parents.

We were absolutely sure that we were going to witness nuclear war against the USA.  Unfortunately, I’m afraid I’ll live to see the day when I’ll be huddling around the television or our phones with my grandkids cursing the names Khamenei, Obama, Kerry and Clinton as we watch evil once again threaten our very existence.
What I’m praying for now is that we’ll safely make it to January 20, 2017. Following that day and with a reassured confidence among the American people we will parrot Arnold Schwarzenegger saying, “We’ll be back!” And hopefully most or all of those bamboozled and lobotomized senators will be pursuing other careers!


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