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The ‘Two Percent Solution’ is worth another explanation

Ok, I love the response I received from some of you on my article explaining why a 2 Percent Solution will save America. Since I don’t see any activity or acknowledgment from any “powers to be,” I’m just going to stick to it until someone can explain to me the downside.
So, here it is again:
1. Freeze all foreclosures.
2.Make the terms of every mortgage currently owned by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac 2 percent interest, only for the next ten years, (certainly the rest of the banking industry will follow with their jumbo loans as well). Consider it a pause in the current loan agreement.
3. Make the loans assumable one time only to family members without taxation and let anyone who has to sell for a loss avoid penalty or repayment.
4. Give every homeowner a three-month moratorium on their current mortgage payment.
5. Remove Tax Deduction for interest.
6. Let the market determine future interest rates through market forces.
That’s it. That saves America. Just following Obama’s new plan (HARP) doesn’t do it. HARP is only for squeaky-clean mortgagees, which doesn’t affect the foreclosure market at all.
As a real estate broker my initial reaction is who the heck is going to sell their home now? Even if the home is way upside down? Well (in true Reaganesque fashion) that just means homebuilders will have to fill the void for available housing. I remember history as proving that when builders are building homes Americans are spending lots of money on goodies and government is making out like bandits (and spending like bandits too, but that is for another article). Get used to it. I’m going to continue to push this 2 Percent Solution until Herman Cain finds out about it and tells me it is impractical and cannot work. If a noted economist can tell me why it doesn’t work then I’ll shut up. But, that’s enough for economics right now.
Let’s get to some real mysteries. I am absolutely blown away. My daughter Marisa has become a Medium/Reiki Healer. She didn’t seek becoming a Medium. She became one following the day she cried like a baby this last Easter morning, alone at home in her bathtub and accepted Christ 100 percent. She was a lot like her father. Always curious but on the fringes of believing in a creator. I’m a true believer (since 1997…another story) and I believe that everyone comes to an understanding of God/Creator/Father at some point, but always in their own time and for their own purpose and reason. Even noted comedian/actor and atheist WC Fields opened up his “options” on his deathbed by reading the Bible. And recently, it appears Steve Jobs did as well. But something out of this world happened with Marisa, and because of it she has already helped so many people. She brings Peace to people who are distraught or just plain curious of the hereafter. Marisa has become one of a very select group on the earth today that are like wormholes to our next destination after this life. One of the greatest mysteries that has already been proven to me is that everyone, and I mean everyone, when they die want to come back and tell their loved ones that they are OK. But they cannot. So, just as you grieve for their passing, they too lament because they cannot tell you that they are having a blast in Heaven. If you like golf or like to surf or like to cook or climb mountains or sit and watch the pretty birds, you got it. Heaven is truly heaven. In fact you take on the body that you loved the most in this life. And, that is typically when you were most happy in this life. When someone here on earth finds someone like my daughter it is like that person and her long gone loved ones hit the Celestial Lottery.
One thing that is true is that there is life after this life. And, the minute you die you instantly know who you are and why you lived the life you did. And you learn that there is a Supreme Daddy out there.
From a spiritual standpoint I worried when Marisa first experienced this gift. I feared that it was all a trick or illusion from the dark side. I’ve come to learn that that is not the case. Too much good has already come from her interaction with others. She has even healed two dogs. Now that’s a big deal. Most dog owners would almost rather save their dog instead of themselves. I didn’t ask Marisa’s permission to write about her and is likely going to be embarrassed. But, if you’re curious, go to and remember there are only two rules for us to live by: Love God with all your heart and soul (you’ll understand later) and as hard as it is sometimes, love your brother and neighbor as yourself. Simple rules, tough to follow sometimes, but what a great world this would be if everyone followed those two simple rules.
I’ll talk about Mexico, Baby Boomer and retiring a bit more next week. I amloving this October weather in Encinitas now that I’m home again. I guess it was pretty cold and ugly when I was in Puerto Vallarta in September but I like this weather here right now. But, November!! Got to love Novembers in San Diego, which is historically the sunniest month of the year. Love your brother!! Until next time. Later….Peace!