The Trump factor

In my last column I noted that people say you can’t live on a social security paycheck. Because of space, the supporting data against that contention was edited out of the column. This column is a wrap-up of that point along with a note on my previous two columns on the Trump factor in Mexico as well.

When I returned to my beachfront home on the mainland of Mexico I found that my neighbor’s electrician caused most all my appliances to become fried (two blown refrigerators, two fans, one microwave, two air conditioners and a dehumidifier). It cost me about $125 to have all the electricity and appliances repaired and corrected. If all that happened in the United States I could have easily spent well over $1,000 for the same repairs.

I also went on to explain how inexpensive it is to eat out at the nearby local food establishments. Purified five-gallon water bottles refill locally for 10 pesos ($0.65). My girlfriend loves her large shrimp tostadas at an oceanfront eatery in the small town of nearby Aticama. Each tostada costs 15 pesos or about $1. Two of them make a meal.
Down the road is a place that sells fish and shrimp tacos for 10 pesos ($0.65) each that would put any fish restaurant in San Diego to shame. I’m addicted to the local carne asada tortas, which are a meal in themselves. They come on huge bollilo rolls and sell for 25 pesos or about a $1.75. Guacamole and salsa come free on every table. All over Mexico you see free-range brahma bulls eating fresh grasses. Mexican beef rivals Argentina’s as beef in Mexico literally melts in your mouth.

Regarding the Trump factor, I watch the Mexican news on television whenever I am there. I am astounded that a majority of the Mexican news is about the United States. In a one-hour newscast at least 30 minutes is spent explaining what is going on in the United States. As you can imagine, Donald Trump has become a very big issue down there.
Initially when Trump announced his candidacy for the presidency both American and Mexican news slanted his statement to sound like Trump hates Mexicans and called them all rapists and murderers. Univision had a field day twisting the news to support their vigil against “The Donald” and initially the Mexican people were incensed by his statements. But lately the Mexican people have been hearing some details of Trump’s ideology when he says that he would require all illegal immigrants (12 million of them) in America to go home to Mexico and that he would fast-track their legitimacy to return. This has made big news and a lot of eyes and ears have perked up.

I asked my girlfriend if she thought Mexican illegals, including those who have been in the United States illegally for 10, 20 and even 30 years, would voluntarily return to Mexico if they felt that within a year they would receive a green card and the ability to return to the United States. She said “absolutely.” She said that illegals live every single day with the fear of being caught and deported and would love to be able to go home again but know how difficult and expensive it would be to return. They think about it when they go to sleep at night and it’s the first thing they think of when they wake up.

If illegals could be fast-tracked into legal green cards they would happily return to Mexico for a period of time. Donald Trump’s popularity in Mexico is soaring. Apparently his popularity is also soaring with legal Mexican immigrants in the USA as well per a recent poll in Nevada where a huge illegal and legal population resides.
I’ve watched videos recently of young African Americans falling in behind Trump and Ben Carson as well. Ben Carson isn’t afraid to tell the truth when he reminds people that Martin Luther King was a Republican but was adopted by the Democratic Party in order to sway the 1964 presidential elections. He also educates many that prior to becoming president, Senate Majority Leader Lyndon Baines Johnson routinely “tabled” civil rights legislation throughout the Eisenhower administration. LBJ only took up the issue when he knew he needed the African American vote to win the presidency in 1964. History shows us that In fact more Republicans voted for the Civil Rights Legislation than did Democrats (look it up).

Now that Secretary of State John Kerry and the Obama Administration has bypassed Congress and struck a deal with Iran that was immediately sent and ratified by the United Nations, Iran will have a nuclear bomb within 10 days, 10 months or 10 years. Iranians openly call for the death to Israel and the United States. They want to put those things on ICBMs so that they can wipe out not only Israel but the United States as well.

I’m just hoping when that very unfortunate time comes to the fore I will have convinced enough of those around me that they can survive down in Mexico. No one is screaming, “Death to Mexico!”
It’s cheap to live in Mexico and even if you have to return to the USA for one day every six months (Mexico’s immigration laws make America’s look like a stroll through Legoland) when missiles start heading toward our shores then Mexico may be building that wall after all just to keep Americans out.


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