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The Need for Speed – Cox Internet Now Twice as Fast

The Need for Speed – Cox Internet Now Twice as Fast

When it comes to the internet, one of the things consumers value most is speed. It frees up their time by completing tasks faster, it makes watching a movie or listening to music more enjoyable, and it could be the difference between winning or losing while gaming with an opponent in another country.

So, how much speed do you need? That depends on how you’re using the internet, and how many connected devices you have in your home.

Whether you’re using the internet for basic search, paying bills, and shopping online, or are a multi-generational household with multiple connected devices streaming simultaneously, there’s some great news on the internet speed front.

Cox Communications, which already offers some of the fastest consumer internet speeds in the nation, recently doubled the speed for most of its customers in San Diego County.

Cox offers a variety of internet service plans, so households can select the option that best fits their needs.  Take a short quiz on the speed advisor at to determine which speed is right for you.

Cox doubled the download speed for three of its service plans: Starter, Essential and Preferred.  The new download speed for Preferred, the company’s most popular tier of service, is now up to 100 Mbps.

The Starter and Essential plans are ideal for lighter users with one to five devices connected to the home network.  The new download speed for Essential is now up to 30 Mbps and Cox Starter is now up to 10 Mbps and.  The speed increases went into effect automatically for all Cox High Speed Internet customers with those service plans in San Diego.

“Speed increases are one of many ways we continually add value for our customers,” said Suzanne Schlundt, Vice President of Field Marketing for Cox Communications. “Today, the majority of Cox customers in San Diego are now enjoying speeds twice as fast.”

Faster speeds, including the company’s Ultimate and Gigablast service plans, have been made possible by continual investments in Cox’s network coupled with the deployment of new technology and infrastructure.

Cox is also improving the in-home WiFi experience with Panoramic WiFi, ensuring wireless internet service is “wall-to-wall” fast throughout every nook and cranny of the home.

“Our internet customers have embraced Panoramic WiFi,” said Schlundt. “Our technicians will literally walk your home from wall to wall to identify and dead spots and turn them into live spots so that you can have an optimal wifi experience in your home.”

Cox plans to invest $10 billion in its infrastructure over the next five years, with a focus on enhancing the customer experience inside and outside of the home. The company already provides its internet customers with access to more than half a million wifi hotspots around the country.

Gig Speed Ahead

Cox, which was the first company to launch residential gigabit speeds in San Diego under the product name Gigablast, has continued the expansion of gigabit speeds to households countywide. Gigabit speeds (1,000 Mpbs) are the fastest residential internet speeds around.

When you have a gigabit connection, you can download 100 songs within three seconds, 1,000 photos in 16 seconds, and a two-hour movie in eight seconds. You can also run dozens of connected devices simultaneously at blazing fast speeds, which is key if you are planning on adding the increasingly popular smart home devices to your household.

For more information on gigabit speeds and see how fast they are, go to

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I am agreed with you Cox Communications are offering high-speed internet to their customers a few years ago, cox communications was not much better as they are now.

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Great post! Thanks for sharing the knowledge and keep up the good work.

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