The fluoride fallacy

Fluoride is coming soon to a tap near you! 

Olivenhain and parts of Encinitas will be fluoridated July 1. It’s state law. It’s good for you! What if we don’t want it? What if they’re wrong? It’s my understanding that San Diego voted this down twice, to no avail. What is the truth about fluoride? Sounds a lot like the battle we’re fighting over local development.

Is fluoride a vitamin or essential mineral? Absolutely not. It is already present in the ground water, as are many other unwelcome substances, like arsenic and lead. Do we want to ingest more stuff like that? Absolutely not. Fluoride interferes with the absorption of calcium. The San Dieguito Water District website states that fluoride is “discharge from fertilizer and aluminum mining.” Gee, sounds like toxic waste to me. Does it improve your quality of life? Absolutely not.

Pete Wilson signed AB 733 into law in 1995 allowing this to be implemented into all areas of the state “as funding becomes available.” Sounds like a good thing, but it is a violation of the Safe Drinking Water Act. This is about politicians doing what they do — caving to the lobbyists with lots of power and fists full of money. Who’s calling the shots? Where does the funding come from? Apparently there isn’t enough to pay for it, which means the cost of water goes up. Is coastal North County going to be next? Why doesn’t Rancho Santa Fe get a dose? Check out the world’s largest chemical distribution company, Brenntag. Is this another conspiracy theory? Absolutely not.

Oh, who cares? We never drink tap water anyway. If you don’t have a filter on your home or faucet, and if you don’t buy plasticized water by the gazillion little bottles adding up to mega-gallons per year (more than three times the price of gasoline, by the way), you must be poor, stupid, and definitely uncool. How many times must we get screwed paying for water, while water wars are on the horizon? Fact: fluoride isn’t readily removed regardless of expensive filtration systems. No one is immune. It is also absorbed through the skin in bathing.

Let’s just allow the municipal water supply to deteriorate into a sewer. That’s what so-called developing countries do. Let them drink Coke, or die from polluted water. In an advanced democracy like ours, aren’t we responsible to protect the environment and defend the rights of all citizens? Is the solution to pollution dilution?

It’s not just about teeth. What if a mother, rich or poor, decides she doesn’t want her children exposed to this toxic substance? How does mom control the dosage to her young child’s vulnerable developing body? I defy any dentist, doctor, or public health official to tell me that this stuff is safe when the entire body is being dosed. Could fluoride be contributing to increases in cancer, bone disease, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, etc.? Topically applied to teeth, short-term maybe, but only pharmaceutical grade, not industrial toxic runoff, and not systemic, and definitely not long term. No way!

I absolutely care — as a health-conscious person, as a conservationist, as an organic gardener, as a realtor who values the properties I sell and the one I own, as someone who takes my civic duty seriously, as an American and defender of our beautiful coastal quality of life, and if nothing else, as a rate payer. My city council and elected representatives are obligated to explain this. Must we tear this town apart with more lawsuits because “Sacra-Demento” refuses to listen to the will of the people and our new city council is just more of the same old, same old? Is fluoridation right for us? Absolutely not.

Dr. David Kennedy, one of the world’s top experts on this subject, will speak at 2 p.m. at the Vista Library June 23. Free to the public. Get yourself informed.

Celia Kiewit is an Encinitas resident.



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