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Teens vandalize vacant home in Carlsbad

CARLSBAD — Authorities responded at the scene of a vacant home in Carlsbad on the morning of Aug. 3 because of a reported break in and vandalism. 

Although the case is still under investigation, the Carlsbad Police Department did confirm that the incident involved teenagers who gained access into the home located at the 5400 block of Carlsbad Boulevard and threw a party there the night before.

According to the police, it’s estimated that more than $5,000 in damages occurred.

“There were holes in the walls, broken windows and damaged appliances,” said Jodee Sasway, public information officer at the City of Carlsbad Police Department.

Sasway said the teens received a message via text that a party was being held at the home. There were more than 50 attendees at the party.

Nearby neighbors did not call authorities that evening about any noise disturbance.

Sasway pointed out that the police report did not indicate the origin of the text.

Four individuals were still inside the residence when the homeowner arrived the morning of Aug. 3.

“One juvenile was placed under citizen’s arrest by the owner; the juvenile was cited for misdemeanor vandalism and released to parents,” Sasway said. “Two additional people were detained by the arriving police officers. They were not cited as at that point they could not be directly linked to any of the vandalism.”

Beer containers and cigarette butts were also noted in the police report.

At this time, officials are not aware of where the majority of teens that attended the party reside.

Although it’s not a regular occurrence in Carlsbad, Saway said, incidents like this do occur from time to time and that’s why it’s important to let surrounding neighbors know if a house will be vacant.

“Let the neighbors know what type of activity should be normal around the house so they can quickly identify suspicious activity,” she said. “Make sure doors and windows are secured and check on the house regularly. Ask a neighbor to check on the house.”

Sasway also shared that neighbors should have the homeowner’s contact phone number as well in the event a problem or concern arises.

Other tips given by authorities to make a vacant home look inhabited include outdoor and indoor light timers, collecting mail and newspapers, angling blinds so people from the outside cannot see in, having the irrigation system run normally, an audible alarm system, and periodically have a car parked in the driveway.

“Neighbors should be aware of vacant homes in the area and have a zero tolerance for suspicious activity around the house,” she said. “Don’t let the house become a party house.”


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