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Teen bands battle it out

CARLSBAD — North County teens packed Carlsbad’s annual Teen Scene event Jan. 29 for an exciting Battle of the Bands competition and other entertainment in the Calavera Hills neighborhood.
More than 700 teens spent their Saturday night at the city-sponsored event held at the Calavera Hills Community Center, 2997 Glasgow Drive. In addition to the Battle of the Bands, it also featured a Film Festival, Art Café, a mobile video game truck and a dance room.
“We have a lot of programs for our younger and older residents, but it’s our job to create that sense of community for teens as well,” Parks and Recreation supervisor Rachael Shay said. “This is a very important event for us.”
The event’s main draw was the Battle of the Bands, a tough competition between 11 local bands comprised of members from 12 to 18. The band selection spanned a wide range of genres.
Professional judges Drew Morgan of the band Dolphin City, Tim Mudd of CBS Radio San Diego and Michael Tiernan, an award-winning artist, selected the night’s winners.
Finding Autumn took home first place in the competition, while Emergency Shut Off came in a close second and Breakdown took home third.
Other bands that performed were Pandemonium, Audiofishtank, The Review, Foom, Angry Dragon, Creative Conspiracy, The Urban Outcast and Titanium Rocks.
“To give them an opportunity to perform in front of a live audience and give them a venue to show off their artwork — it’s just awesome,” Shay said.
Last year’s winner, Make It Last Kid, returned for a special performance to kick off this year’s competition.
Oceanside dance studio Dance Unlimited joined the event to teach choreographed routines in the dance room, while local teens submitted five-minute shorts for inclusion in the Film Festival held outside of the facility.
“There’s a lot of stuff to do here and it’s a lot of fun,” Encinitas resident Tylre Wilcox, 13, said. “I’m having a really good time.”
While the event has been held since 2003, this year boasted the largest attendance to date. Shay credited the bands for inviting their friends, as well as increased promotion of the festivities.
“It’s such an awesome event,” Shay said. “The parents can drop off their kids at a place they know is safe and the kids get to have a lot of fun while hanging out with their friends. It’s a win-win situation.”
The 2011 Teen Scene was presented by Carlsbad’s Parks and Recreation Department with support from Hurley, Sun Diego, North County Health Services and the Carlsbad City Library, among others.