Eye on the Coast

Task force recommendation causing concern

Kelp beds off limits?
A blue ribbon state task force has made thorny recommendations to the Cal Fish & Game Commission that are causing a lotta conversation over the possible negative impact to O’side Harbor and kelp beds off the Flower Capital coast line. The five-member panel has suggested the beds become lobster and marine life sanctuaries. Commercial fisherpersons say it would kill their bizness. There’s also some question whether surf fishing will be haltered. A decision on the recommendations is expected to be handed out by next summer.
Immigrant landings
Tighter restrictions on border crossings have opened a new source for entering the USA by folks sans permits. U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement reports beach areas at Ponto, Beacon’s and Dog Beach in the Surfside City now are ports of entry. There have been sizeable apprehensions and numerous abandoned boats have been recovered. Arrivals usually land in the early morning hours before dawn.
Shovel ready
There was a lotta noise about passing a stimulus package so “shovel ready” projects could get under way. However, many are still waiting to be stimulated. The performing arts center at San Dieguito Academy has been waiting for nearly a year to be notified the check is in the mail. Since it will come via state coffers, it izzn’t very encouraging.
Dog off-leash park
Almost everyone today has at least one pooch as part of the family, so it’s not surprising there’s a growing demand for additional off-leash areas in parks. Vista folks are among the latest to petition their electeds to provide more facilities and additional hours. That city is considering space in Brengel Park that could be ready by spring. Dogs already are allowed to romp around during designated hours at South Buena Vista Park.
Flower Capital residents remain divided on roundabouts. However, Rancho Santa Fe has at least a couple scheduled and so far there hasn’t been a lotta talk about them. More recently folks in Poway are discussing (and cussing) about a traffic signal to be replaced with a pair of circle drives. Although kinda new in the area, roundabouts have been in use around the world (no pun ) since wheels became the model for getting around.
Neat choice
Cardiffian Irene Kratzer has been named grand marshal of the Flower Capital’s Holiday Parade Dec. 5. Great choice. The young lady has given years of community service, is one of the founders of the Friends of the Cardiff-by-the-Sea library, and volunteers all over the community. She’ll be wearing a sprig of mistletoe in keeping with the parade’s “Season’s Greenings” theme.
L.A. acts to stem growing number of pot shops
A coppla L.A. City Council committees have updated the city’s marijuana ordinance in an effort to stem the expansion of pot shops throughout the city, many of which are doing bizness without a permit. Pot remains illegal by some federal standards.
Community Gardens
Community gardeners in the Flower Capital continue to campaign for space to grow their fruits and veggies. Meanwhile, over in San Marcos, electeds are preparing to expand a community garden in Woodland Park or to create a new one elsewhere. According to staffer Kathleen Kildoo there’s a long waiting list of folks wanting to harvest their own edibles and flowers.
School daze
Unemployed folk whose careers are in jeopardy are returning to tech schools and colleges to learn new trades. Educational facilities are reporting a wave of new registrants. MiraCosta College has added nursing to its curriculum and response has been great. Nursing is already offered at other colleges including San Diego City, Cal State San Marcos, and San Diego State. Currently, nurses are in short supply.
Not available
Levy Randolph has notified County Fair officials he won’t be at his post in the agriculture department next summer becuz he’ll be traveling 100,000 miles representing the Future Farmers of America as president of the national organization. He’ll meet with top leaders in bizness, government and education. Tim Fennell, County Fair general manager, recently told his board of directors that Randolph was selected over 39 candidates at the FFA national convention in Indianapolis.
Electeds’ pay cuts and perks
According to an L.A. Times report outta Sacramento, legislators are facing cuts in pay and perk.
School choirs and musical groups are invited to participate in the Friday night Holiday of Lights hayride at the fairgrounds and can sign up by calling Linda Zweig at (858) 792-4262 … Surfside City will offer free parking during the holiday weekends along Camino del Mar from 4th Street to l5th and under L’Auburge in the muni lot … Del Mar Thoroughbred Club dates next summer, pending approval from the California Racing Board, are July 23 through Sept. 8 … With San Fran Mayor Gavin Newsom out of the running for governor, Attny. Gen. Jerry Brown is ranked No. 1 on the Demo ticket for the moment … The Del Mar School Board of Trustees is looking for new digs becuz it will be vacating its 9th Street admin offices in Jan 2011 or sooner … The Governator, whose job approval rating is almost below sea level, sez he’ll campaign vigorously for the $11 bil. water bond measure to be voted on in Nov. 2012. that includes $2 bil. in earmarks.
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