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Carlsbad Unified doing more with less

Steve Puterski
On Oct. 16, Superintendent Dr. Ben Churchill presented the audience at The Westin a number of success stories and accomplishments from the past year.
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Brandenburg, Mosca take center stage at Olivenhain debate

Aaron Burgin
Candidates for Encinitas District 4 council, incumbent Joe Mosca and his lone challenger, longtime Olivenhain resident Tony Brandenburg, fielded questions on a variety of topics.
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School safety top priority at Carlsbad Unified training

Steve Puterski
On Aug. 27, the Carlsbad Unified School District hosted its 1,000 employees at Sage Creek High School and covered security and safety measures, especially in
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Carlsbad to add 35 more license-plate readers

Steve Puterski
On Aug. 21, the City Council approved, 4-1, to expand the number of license plate readers by 35 at 20 additional locations throughout the city.
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Projecting surplus, council tackles $185M pension debt

Steve Puterski
A surplus in funds will increase the city’s reserve fund to about $97.8 million However, there is the pressing issue of the city’s unfunded debt