Survey notes Encinitas residents largely satisfied with city

ENCINITAS — The vast majority of residents are content with city services, according to a new survey. 

98 percent of residents reported favorable opinions of the quality of life in Encinitas, with 71 percent calling it “excellent” and 27 percent referring to it as “good.”

More than four-fifths of residents were satisfied with the city’s efforts to provide municipal services. Of the 28 services delivered by the city, public safety services, including fire protection and emergency medical, were rated the most important. Other city services ranked at the top of the list: wastewater and sewer, trash and recycling and law enforcement.

When asked what the city government could do to make Encinitas a better place to live, one-quarter of respondents said they were unsure and 10 percent indicated they didn’t desire any changes. 12 percent recommended the city limit growth and development, nine percent indicated the Encinitas City Council and government could be improved and 12 percent suggested revamping streets and roads.

90 percent of residents visit a park, beach, trail or recreation facility in Encinitas at least once a month. More than 95 percent said the quality of parks, beaches and recreation facilities is “good” or “excellent.”

The survey was conducted to gather a statistically reliable understanding of residents’ satisfaction, according to a section in the survey outlining the purpose. In July, 400 randomly selected adults participated in the survey by answering questions online or over the phone. The margin of error is almost 5 percent.

The city paid True North Research $20,000 to conduct the survey.




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