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Surf Dog Surf-a-Thon

DEL MAR — After Hurricane Linda brought some fun waves for human surfers over the week, on Sunday, it was the dogs’ turn to catch waves at Del Mar’s Dog Beach during the 10th annual Surf Dog Surf-a-Thon.The annual event helps raise funds for rescue pets at the Helen Woodward Animal Center.

Ivan rides a wave to the beach and gets some encouragement from his owner in the background. Photo by Tony CagalaRiley shakes off a wave ride onto the beach during the annual Surf Dog Surf-a-Thon at Dog’s Beach in Del Mar. Photo by Tony CagalaFrom left: Hanks Johns, son Jack Johns and Aloha Lola race to the water at the start of the large dog surf heat. Photo by Tony CagalaAngel’s ride hits a snag. Photo by Tony CagalaAloha Lola catches a wave and rides towards her owner Jack Johns. Photo by Tony CagalaHershey has some fun riding the waves. Photo by Tony CagalaIt’s a party wave for Turbo, left, and Hershey. Photo by Tony CagalaLaci bails off the surfboard after making it back to the beach. Photo by Tony CagalaTita Dennis shares a cuddle with her dog Shadow before the extra large dog heat. Photo by Tony CagalaEric Felland sets his dog Honzo up for a nice wave ride. Photo by Tony CagalaHauli, in orange, weaves a wave ride through a crowded lineup. Photo by Tony CagalaMembers of Team Ziggy check how the waves are breaking during the finals. Photo by Tony CagalaTurbo makes it look easy riding a wave in the finals. Photo by Tony Cagala

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