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The Coast News Needs Your Help

For 33 years, The Coast News Group has been a leading voice in North County. We cover our paradise with passion to bring you local news that matters. So many of you have allowed us into your lives to tell your stories, from those of heartbreak to the inspirational, and we will continue our mission even in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 has threatened many businesses forcing them to close, either permanently or temporarily, and now more than ever we must to come together as a community to support our friends, family, neighbors and businesses.

Just like many of you, our team at Coast News Group has also been impacted by the Coronavirus crisis.  We are still grinding out the latest news to keep our community informed. We are humbling asking for your support so that we can keep our reporting efforts going and to overcome COVID-19 together, as a community. We appreciate all of your support and cannot tell you how much it means to our team. Thank you.