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Superintendent gives board survey update

RANCHO SANTA FE — Implementing foreign language for kindergarten through fifth grade at the Rancho Santa Fe School District has become a hot topic of discussion. From talks at board meetings to special meetings with parents, it was decided that a survey would be the optimal way to receive an accurate assessment on what parents truly want for their children.

At a recent board meeting, Superintendent Lindy Delaney updated the board of trustees on the progress. She told the board that the survey was in its final draft form and very close to being complete.

Delaney plans to send out a letter April 13 to parents notifying the survey will be out.  And on April 16, the online survey will be submitted and go live.

“We are going to keep it open for one week, and then the results will be in and I’m hoping to have results for the May board meeting or no later than the June 4 board meeting,” she said.

Delaney thought it would be best to bring on a professional company to champion the survey. She had communicated with several companies but ultimately decided on teaming with San Diego State Research Group for guidance.

Delaney said she had viewed a former survey they had completed for a school and was impressed with it.

“They seemed very helpful in determining how questions should be asked, what questions should be asked and I also had a committee of three parents that volunteered to help in any way they could,” said Delaney, adding how the parent input was excellent.

Delaney wants people to know that teachers were also pulled into the loop for survey questions. And looking into the budget is necessary since that is a critical component. The superintendent wanted to ensure all that they were being diligent and working hard on this.

Receiving the feedback from the survey is important, Delany pointed out, so they can continue to make the best decisions they can for the students.

“We have had Spanish in K through 5 for our students in elementary school before, and it wasn’t as successful as we would hope, but that was years ago so we’re just going to see how this transpires,” she said.  “And the first step is to decide if we really want to do that and then we’ll be looking for curriculums if we do and so forth.”