Students take healthy eating challenge

ENCINITAS — In an ongoing effort to raise awareness of healthy eating habits, a group of Grauer School students joined the Fed Up Challenge, which entails going sugar free for 10 days. The challenge kick-off will be held at The Grauer School’s Great Conversations Event Jan. 13. The challenge is based on the documentary, “Fed Up,” which was produced and narrated by Katie Couric. The film explores the health epidemic, namely the addition of sugar to most processed food, that is contributing to childhood obesity.

The Great Conversations event is open to the public and includes a screening of a film to raise consciousness about the particular health risk of sugar. The event will also feature organic food for purchase and a small Farmers Market with information about healthier food options. Proceeds are going to benefit The Grauer School’s Green Grauer efforts. The market starts at 6 p.m. and the film will start at 7 p.m. in The Grauer School’s Great Hall. Suggested admission donation of $5. The film is rated PG.

The Grauer School is bringing greater awareness to an issue that they’ve been mediating for years. The Grauer School uses Ki’s School Lunch program to ensure that students are receiving healthy, non-processed food options at lunch.

“I have long held the opinion that sugar is an ingredient that should be avoided whenever possible,” said Dr. Stuart Grauer, founder of The Grauer School. Grauer has been known to steadfastly object to student’s proposals that offer baked goods as rewards and insists on fresh fruit being an alternative option.  “Getting an education in America means learning to distinguish junk food and junk culture from what’s real — like eating what’s fresh and local.”


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