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Students immerse in worldwide programs

DEL MAR — Francis Parker School students are taking part in the Across Town and Around the World program.
The Global Education Internships were offered to nine local students during the inaugural Interim Week at Francis Parker School. The purpose of this new academic initiative is to give students a chance to delve intensively into topics that will help bridge the gap between textbook knowledge, theory and real life.
William Foresman of Del Mar did Fusion of Culture & Cuisine of Russia, Italy and France, making visits to local international eateries, mingling with native speakers, and investigating the nutritional composition and Americanization of these cuisines. The week will culminate in student presentations showcasing dishes prepared at home.
Emily Baratta, Penelope Jennewein and Katharine Kidd, also from Del Mar, are traveling to China, Colombia and the Philippines, respectively. The tourism and service trips are designed to help raise the students’ awareness of global needs and how to service them. Claire Kinsey, of Del Mar, on the other hand, is doing a Global Education Internship in Thailand.
Zubin Anklesaria and Madeleine Jennewein, of Del Mar, selected Into the Idyllwild, focusing on nature. This student-driven, project-based course studies the eco-system, the environment, and wildlife. The students will not only choose and plan the activities for each day; they will also be assigned tasks such as planning and preparing meals for the group.
William Avery, of Del Mar, chose Animal Training, learning the basics of animal training and putting those skills learned into action at an animal training facility.
Amanda Worthen, of Del Mar, took part in Read and Write the Landscape of San Diego, sampling some of the best nature writing by local and national authors, receiving instruction in the basics of wildlife observation and creating her own literary musings of what she sees in San Diego.